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Current officers light the candles of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship before new members recite the NHS pledge.

As always, the commitment to academic excellence remains the cornerstone of our South Huntington School District. It is with this understanding that we congratulate this year’s inductees into the National Honor Society. This special recognition speaks volumes about a student’s intellect, work ethic, character, and a deep-seated commitment to service.

“As Honor Society members, you are the leaders of your class, and represent the very best of our school,” said Principal John Murphy to his new inductees. “As you move into the final stage of high school and life thereafter, you will face many points where you need to decide between doing something the right way or doing something the wrong way. It is moments like these where I want you to remember the integrity and character you have displayed here at Walt Whitman. These key moments will make all of the difference in the life that you will ultimately lead.”

Congratulations to: Kailee Adomaites, Aamna Ahmed, Armani Alfaro, Joshua Alms, Judith Anest, Brianna Barthold, Donald Basedow, Natalie Bausano, Gabrielle Bausano, Alexa Beaubrun, Rebecca Beickert, Maya Biblow, Emelia Bitonti, James Boccone, Nicholas Bottoni, Garrison Bouchard, Mia Brunetti, Valeria Bruzual, Nicholas Campanelli, Anthony Carino, Giovanni Cartisano, Leonardo Castro, Joshua Chandre, Mahhek Chaudhry, Kristy Chillemi, Aiyana Chisholm, Ziyad Choudry, Kiera Conlon, Owen Connolly, Brooke Connor, Brianna Conroy, Gianna Conte, Liam Curtin, Benjamin D’Agostino, Ryan Davis, Daniel De Bruin, Martha De Los Santos, Adriana De Prisco, Kerri Delaney, Kathryn Donovan, Gabriella Dowling, Ira Dubey, Molly Dugan, Ahmad Elfeky, Amanda Esposito, Adia Estevez, Jack Fallon, Brooke Feinman, Alexandra Fink, Victoria Fiorelli, Lila Freire, Alexandra Fullerton, Ryan Gannon, Isabelle Geribon Sass, Kayla Gonzales, Gabriel Gonzales, Justin Grillo, Tatiana Guevara, Joseph Gurba, Fiona Hamilton, Ryan Hansen, Jordan Henkel, Dahyana Herrera Salazar, Liam Hill, Victoria Hocknell, Kate Hoffman, Jonathan Holleran, John Hoppe, Rebecca Horner, Gianna Inga, Victoria Isernia, Bianca Isernia, Matthew Italo, Sarah Jacoutot, Gabriel Kaloo, Luke Kannavos, Alyssa Katwala, Paige Kessler, Amelia Kongevold, Salma Laraki, Violet Le Claire, Kristina Lineen, Jordan Logue, Olivia Macchiarola, Ashley Magee, Lana Maniatis, Esteban Maraboli, Andrew Markell, Olivia Martinez, Alianna Mauro, Kasey McArdle, Kate Mc Auley, Connor McCall, Sarah McDowell, Carley McEntee, Patrick McHale, Wendy Morales Cruz, Brianna Morrissey, Declan Motherway, Anabelle Muellers, Liam Murphy, Meghan Murray, Charlotte O’Hara, Anthony Orgera, Sarah Palladino, Jason Parada, Delaney Parlante, Silvana Pawa, Michael Phillips, Tyler Phillips, YiMei Potzinger, Noah Ramos, Christopher Ramos, Kevin Rankel, Luca Rombaldi, Ryan Rowe, Mason Rudnick, Biance Russell, Daniel Schlansky, Ethan Shapiro, Angela Shedlow, Gracyn Speter, Mia Stampfel, Kira Steffen, Arden Supek, Abigail Tavera, Dylan Thody, Rasahn Thompson, Faith Tyburski, Andres Valencia Castaneda, Robert Vasquez Aparicio, Areny Veliz Garcia, Jillian Vesque, Liam Villanti, Dylan Vincent, Morgan Wobig, Ashli Wuss, and Zimo Zhong.

We also wish to congratulate the new National Honor Society officers for next year:

President - Abigail Tavera

Vice President - Mahhek Chaudhry

Secretary - Noah Ramos

Treasurer - Liam Curtin

GSO Representative - Victoria Isernia

Photo Gallery

National Honor Society advisor, Mrs. Donna Talleur, proudly introduces Walt Whitman’s new inductees for the last time, as she will be retiring at the end of the school year. Thank you for your years of service to our district, Mrs. Talleur!

Current NHS officers left to right: President Pamela Carey, Vice President Noor Hussain, Treasurer Ashley Winch, and Secretary Sophia DelPriore (not pictured).

Current officers take turns lighting the candles of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.

New members of the National Honor Society sign their names to make their inductions official.

Inductees recite the NHS pledge to maintain high scholastic standing, hold true to their character, leadership skills, and give of themselves freely in service to others.



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