South Huntington

School District

Ken Costa,

WWHS Principal

As a Walt Whitman High School graduate himself, Mr. Costa is ecstatic to fulfill his new role as Principal.

Returning to his Wildcat roots, Mr. Kenneth Costa is now proudly serving as Walt Whitman High School’s new Principal.

Mr. Costa returned to South Huntington because of his amazing experience he had here as a student. As an alumnus of Walt Whitman High School, he always felt “there was something romantic about coming home.”  Speaking of his time in the Marines, Mr. Costa shared, “It’s a brotherhood that goes on forever. I’m proud to be a Marine and serve my country,” he said. Mr. Costa served in the Marine Corps, and had a fantastic experience. He graduated first in his class and was meritoriously promoted three times in his 10-year tenure on Parris Island. Transitioning from the Marines to education was definitely different, but many of his skills gained in the Marines were, of course, beneficial.  Mr. Costa brought his organizational skills, leadership skills, and the belief that “there is no task that is too small, and there’s nothing that cannot be accomplished.” His determination and grit carried over as well, and these skills assisted with his role in education.  His past experience as Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean, and teacher has allowed him to learn what to do and what not to do, while also always continuing to learn new things.  One main goal Mr. Costa would like to accomplish as Principal of Whitman is to have every student be invested in their own education and desire to have Whitman be their safe haven and their home. “This is a big family, and I want everybody to feel comfortable coming here… this is our home,” he commented. He wishes for the statement,  “Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat” to stand true, encouraging each student to feel the same sense of passion and pride from where they came from.

On a personal note, Mr. Costa loves any outdoor activities, such as boating, going to the beach, hiking, fishing, hunting, amongst others. He is a Rangers fan and loves surrounding himself with good-natured people.



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