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The Gold Key Award is the highest honor that a student athlete can receive from Section XI. This award goes to student athletes who have demonstrated outstanding athletic participation by lettering in eight Varsity or Junior Varsity seasons from grades 10-12 and are selected by Section XI. The Wildcat Booster Club recognizes Gold Key recipients by awarding them with a Gold Key Charm necklace, a certificate, and $100.00 scholarship. Gold Key recipients who also are chosen for a Booster Club Scholarship receive a check for $750.00

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 Gold Key Recipients:
Carlos Alfaro Ortez, Joshua Arevalo, Danielle DeGaray, Daniel Donovan, Kyle Lutz, Dana McGowan, Daniel Monterroso, Jovany Phillippe, Jenna Stockfeder, Adam Tabibzada, Jasmine Thai, Jacob Veeder, and Grace Weigele.

These impressive athletes were also joined by our 2021 Booster Club Scholarship winners who have distinguished themselves in a variety of successful athletic, leadership, and academic endeavors. Congratulations to our Maroon and White Scholarship Award recipients:
Logan Bermudez, Grace Buckshaw, Cayla Cole, Sophia DelPriore, Kyle Dickson, Jack Neiland, Margaret Neiland, Ryan Rummell, Zoe Schwandtner, and Jenna Stockfeder.

The Athletic Director’s Award is selected by the President(s) of the Booster and provided to an athlete who demonstrates leadership, determination, commitment and character on and off the field. Congratulations to: Steven Lainez Gomez (Football, Wrestling) and Grace Weigele (Cross Country, Indoor/Outdoor Track)

The Principal’s Award is selected by the Principal of Walt Whitman High School to honor a student athlete that may not have been selected for an athletic award but by his determination, felt demonstrated quality and traits deserving of recognition. This year's Principal's Award recipient is Amanda Trifon (Fencing & Softball). Congratulations!

The Presidential Gold Key Award is given to the student athlete who is both a recipient of the Section XI Gold Key Award and the Wildcat Booster Club Presidential Scholarship Award selected by the Booster Club President(s). The recipient receives a $750.00 Scholarship. Congratulations to the Presidential Gold Key Award recipient, Aniyah Walters (Cheer, Gymnastics, Track & Field).

The Wildcat Presidential Award is selected by the President(s) of the Booster and provided to an athlete who demonstrates leadership, determination, commitment and character on and off the field. The recipient receives a $750.00 scholarship award. Congratulations to the Wildcat Presidential Award recipient, Aidan Wallace (Lacrosse & Football).

Laura DelColle Service Award

Laura DelColle was a long time Board Member of the Wildcat Booster Club. She dedicated a monumental amount of time to the program and service for the community. Therefore it was only fitting that we renamed the service award after Laura. Sadly Laura, as most beautiful spirits among us, was taken too soon. However, she left us with incredible memories, some of which we wanted to share with you. She was and will forever be part of our Wildcat Family. In honor of Booster Club board member Laura DelColle, the Service Award is presented to two students who have dedicated time in service to the Booster Club. They assist in events, managing concession or helping to raise funds for the club. They demonstrate the care and service as in the heart of the awards namesake. Congratulations to Carissa DelColle (Field Hockey & Softball) and William Barroco (Fencing).

In honor of Coach Vincent Altebrando, the Vince Altebrando Humanitarian Award is issued to one male and /or one female senior student. Coaches nominate candidates who exemplify humanitarian qualities. Mentors and supporters who help bring out the best in others. Leaders who guide their teammates or give back through participation in youth programs. Demonstrating quality of character on and off the field while maintaining academic requirements. Congratulations to Dana McGowan (Basketball, Bowling, Lacrosse, Soccer) and Carlos Alfaro (Cross Country, Soccer, Indoor/Outdoor Track, Wrestling)

The SHYLAX Athletic Award is issued by South Huntington Youth Lacrosse to one male and one female senior lacrosse athlete. The recipients must have participated in the SHYLAX program and met community service requirements and will be pursuing higher education after graduation. Recipients receive a $1000.00 Scholarship Award. Congratulations to Aidan Wallace (2015 SHYLAX Alumni) and Dana McGowan (2015 SHYLAX Alumni).

Congratulations to our HBC Soccer Award recipients Christopher Schindler (Soccer) and Julianna Villella (Soccer).

The Luke Avolese Scholarship is issued to two student athletes selected by the foundation. Luke was a 4 year Varsity Football and Basketball player at Walt Whitman High School. The scholarship is funded each year through monies raised at the Two Brothers Memorial Golf Outing held in honor of Luke Avolese and Matthew Giannuzzi. Congratulations to our Luke Avolese Football Scholarship recipient, Joseph Robert (Football, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track), and our Luke Avolese Basketball Scholarship recipient, Omari Harry (Basketball, Unified Basketball)

The Wildcat Booster Club would like to thank the following for their help and support: Dr. Jim Wright, Ms. Michelle Tum Suden, and Ms. Donna Grennan, Board President Mr. Nicholas Ciappetta, and members of the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Bennardo, SHUFSD Administrative Cabinet, Walt Whitman Principal Dr. John Murphy, the Walt Whitman Administration and Staff, Stimson Middle School Principal Mr. Edward Smith, the Stimson Administration and Staff, Walt Whitman High School Custodial Staff, SHUFSD Facilities and Maintenance Staff, and the Walt Whitman High School Security Team. A special thank you to all the parents and student volunteers, we really appreciate all your time and effort!

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