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It has been an exciting couple of weeks as we approach the homestretch of our school year. Stimson celebrated and welcomed new inductees into the National Junior Honor Society at the recent ceremony hosted at the high school, where proud smiles and applause filled Whitman’s PAC.

We congratulate all of our new Stimson National Junior Honor Society members, as well as their advisors, Jessica Voorhees and Sarah Wyhowanec, along with their dedicated teachers. We also offer special recognition to our inductees’ parents who have nurtured and supported them throughout their academic careers.

“Middle School can be challenging at times. Life is challenging at times,” shared Stimson Principal, Mr. Michael Duggan. “It's important to honor our accomplishments, but also never forget about the process of achievement.” We are confident that there are more wonderful things to come from this talented group of emerging scholars. Congratulations to our new members!

Congratulations to our newest 7th-grade members: Emma Abrescia, Zarar Ahmed, Dodge Alahverdian, Maleah Alleyne, Abigail Andreoni, Ashley Austin, Ayaan Bakshi, Miles Berman, Alexander Blesi, Ella Brenner, Morgan Brun, Derek Busch, Emily Butterfield, Jacobo Castano Ramirez, Frank Cavallone, Antonia Cenzoprano, Marcus Chen, Dylan Claus, Daniel Cotsalas, Justin Cristello, Luke Crocco, Giuliana D'Antoni, Isabella David, Derek Davis, Andie Devinney, Gianna DiAgostino, Selina Dong, Lillian Dwyer, Michael Eastwood, Parker Eisner, Ethan Ewart, Layla Ezzat, Maeve Fallon, Michael Ferdinando, Isabella Fiorelli, Kenji Flores, Scarlett Folk, Landon Forlenza, Angelo Galindo, Thomas Galvin, Keiry Garay Portillo, Alexander Gizzi, Christopher Gomez, Molly Gorman, Sydney Henkel, Tyler Holzweiss, Anna lemma, John lemma, Taylor Imhof, Emma Jacoutot, Cosmo Jannes, Jazmynn Julien, Abigail Kaloo, Christopher Kancza, Priscilla Kenny, Kristopher Klein, Alexis Koffer, Chase Loomis, Maeve Lynch, Katherine Macaluso, Mckenzie Maguire, Michael Maguire, Brooke Maiorana, Eva Marichal Umpierrez, Ashley McNally, Michael McGuinness, Andrea Medina Granados, Amanda Moffett, Carlos Morales Santos, Aniyah Mubasher, Rehan Naseer, Natalie Newman, Kaylee O'Brien, Jack O'Connor, Maeve O'Connor, Emma O'Reilly, Guiliana Oliveri, Cole Paehr, Arlana Palma Pleitez, Preston Park, lshe Patel, Jonathan Ponce, Justin Ponciano, Thomas Principe, Francesco Pugliese, Madison Richter, Josue Rivera, Alexandra Rojas, Darlyn Rosales Barahona, Maya Rowser, Ryan Sakayan, Alexandra Samuel, Kyle Schreiber, Emily Sharp, Rebeca Sorto Alfaro, Melissa Stuyvesant, Ryan Tabibzada, Olivia Tintera, Timothy Treubig, Jack Tripoli, Caroline Tulipano, Connor Umstead, Katy Valle, Kaylah White, Hayli Wuss, and Brooke Yonkers.

Congratulations to our newest 8th-grade members: Nicole Athanassiou, loannis Balanos, Demi Botta, Arianna Campanella, Alanna Chong, Logan Elar, Kenneth Espinoza, Antonia Fiordalisi, Avni Gandhi, Nina Gonzalez, William Imhof, Emanuel Infante, Sanobar Mohammed, Jordyn Nicholls, Ryan Pastore, Ludmery Perez, and Arianna Petkovits.

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Excerpt from Mr. Duggan’s NJHS Address: “...Obstacles are important for our development. They remind us about our process to reach our goals. Obstacles are meant to be pushed. Push them. Push them hard.”

The National Junior Honor Society is more than an academic honor. NJHS is unique in how it prepares students for the next major steps in their lives. It helps show you that being a problem solver is one of the most important characteristics one can have.

I think one of the keys to success in life is having resiliency, especially in the times when life is hard. You’ve shown this resiliency and I’m confident that you all will continue to grow with the proper mindset. Use this moment as one of the first steps onto high school, college, career and in your lives. Take a snapshot of this moment. Seriously. Take a mental picture. This is a big achievement. We thank you for your service and hard work.

On behalf of Mrs. Voorhees and Ms. Wyawanec - we want you to know that we are proud of you and we salute your achievement.”

"Use this moment as one of the first steps onto high school, college, career and in your lives. Take a snapshot of this moment. Seriously. Take a mental picture. This is a big achievement. We thank you for your service and hard work," shared Stimson Principal, Michael Duggan.

Each NJHS Officer lights a candle after speaking about a crucial element in the five qualities that exemplify membership in the National Junior Honor Society.

Students took turns walking across the stage to receive their induction pin and certificate.

New 7th and 8th grade inductees recite the NJHS oath to make their induction official at the end of the ceremony.



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