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with Interns Manny, Kristiane and Declan

This year, Walt Whitman High School started offering internship placements with local businesses within our community. Prior to entering the workforce, internships provide high schoolers with valuable experiences that not only look great on their resumes but it provides them with a taste of what their future career choices will be like. The Whitman High School Internship program is having a strong debut year, and students are gaining a wide variety of experience, from business to art to healthcare settings.

For three of Walt Whitman’s visual artists, they have the unique experience of interning with Splashes of Hope, located at Coindre Hall in Huntington. The location offers studio spaces hidden inside the historic building with an inspiring view. Students are taught how to implement various techniques that are used for creating works of art commissioned by health care facilities around the country. As of this year, Splashes of Hope has contributed artwork to all 50 states, including large scale murals and hand painted ceiling tiles that bring inspiration and a sense of creative comfort to patients within these facilities. They currently have a waiting list of over 100 facilities, some of which include local shelters, homes for veterans, and children’s hospitals.

Juniors Manny Canales, Kristiane DiMaulo, and Declan Hill all contribute to the creation of these commissions in unique ways, and have gained much appreciation during the process. Manny has a graphic design background, while Kristiane enjoys illustration and animation. Declan uses social media as his expressive platform as he helps share content for Splashes of Hope on their Instagram. Each of their skill sets aid in the program’s success and each finds it gratifying to be able to contribute to populations of people who benefit from the artwork. “These interns are dedicated and work so hard,” shared Splashes of Hope Founder, Heather Buggee, at their end of internship ceremony. “With any assignment we threw their way, they had a smile and great attitude and really helped us, especially when we were coming out of quarantine and nobody was here, it was really great to have their energy and their help.”

These commissioned works of art created in this unique setting offer patients within healthcare facilities an opportunity to gaze into peaceful imagery during procedures that could oftentimes cause anxiety to undergo. The artwork that these Whitman students help contribute to gives patients in these facilities moments to reflect and find solace.

Whitman Guidance Counselor and Internship Coordinator, Ms. Tracey D'Alonzo, shared a few congratulatory words at the special ceremony celebrating the work of Whitman's interns.

Our interns were congratulated and gifted new paint brushes by Jackie Mink, part owner of Dynasty, a family run paint brush company that provides brushes to Splashes of Hope.



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