South Huntington

School District

Supervisor of Facilities,

Dennis Martin

South Huntington School District's new Supervisor of Facilities, Mr. Dennis Martin.

The South Huntington School District is happy to welcome the new Supervisor of Facilities, Mr. Dennis Martin.

Before joining the South Huntington family, Mr. Martin worked within the Bayport-Blue Point School District as their Facilities Director. Upon seeing the position open up in South Huntington, Mr. Martin felt great excitement for the opportunity to work within such a large district and diverse community that he has heard so many positive comments about.

Mr. Martin has been working within schools for about 24 years, from his very first position in the Commack School District and multiple others since arriving in South Huntington. Mr. Martin has worked “from the bottom up,” over the years, sharing “I came through the ranks, and have been around schools and in schools all along.”

In addition to his facilities experience, Mr. Martin also received his Masters in Social Work from Stony Brook University. “That has helped me understand the different communities I’ve worked in,” he expressed. “It’s kind of what built me up and brought me here.” As supervisor, Mr. Martin hopes to nurture personal development and growth within the facilities department and “to catch everyone up to the efforts and goals of the educational field here which has been doing a fantastic job.”

Outside of work, Mr. Martin finds solace in his hobbies, including paddleboarding, beach volleyball, and “pretty much any outdoor sports.” Utilizing his background in social work, Mr. Martin has also spent much of his time over the past 3 years as a group counselor for Long Island Hospice in Patchogue. “That’s a passion of mine,” he expressed in discussing his group social work experiences. “I do a lot of work with children in hospice that may have lost a parent or loved one,” he humbly expressed, as he finds this work rewarding in his ability to help families in such times of need.

Mr. Martin always strives to be “people-centered.” He is excited at the opportunity to get to know the community better, learning their needs, and being able to reach people and help out on a broader level.

Welcome to the South Huntington Family, Mr. Martin!



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