South Huntington

School District

Reanna Fulton,

Supervisor of Educational Technology

South Huntington School District's new Supervisor of Educational Technology, Mrs. Reanna Fulton.

We are proud to welcome Reanna Fulton as South Huntington School District’s new Supervisor of Educational Technology!

Mrs. Fulton has immense amounts of experience, ranging from her time spent as a Special Education teacher to serving in the United States Navy. After coming to South Huntington for her first time during the Keyboarding Without Tears program, she shared, “I really appreciated how the teachers were so invested with technology, and it really gave me a good perspective on what I could anticipate when I saw that there was the position here.”

Prior to arriving in South Huntington, Mrs. Fulton gained first-hand experience through a variety of instructional technologies, which remains her focus as she continues her own education in pursuing her doctorate. “My military technician experience, coupled with being a civilian technician, gave me the perspective of real IT, as well as being a systems administrator; I use all of those different experiences in my work,” Mrs. Fulton shared as she emphasized the importance of a solid foundation in instructional technology within schools.

During the short time that Mrs. Fulton has been working with South Huntington, new programs have already been implemented to better parent and staff communication. The 2021-2022 school year introduces new programs including ParentSquare, ClassLink, and the IT Help Desk that will more effectively keep our families informed and help district employees stay better connected. Mrs. Fulton believes that having smooth technology helps every aspect of our district, both in the classroom and outside.

In her free time, Ms. Fulton spends time with her two sons at their football and lacrosse games, gardening, and supporting United States veterans as Post Commander at the VFW in Setauket. She and her husband have always been involved in bettering their community, as they met as volunteer firefighters and EMTs.



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