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Mr. Nicholas Ciappetta J.D., Mrs. Sheila Buhse, Dr. Joseph T. Centamore

On Monday, May 23, 2022, SCOPE will be featuring their 21st Annual School District Awards Dinner where the "Shining Above the Rest" recognition will be provided to Award Recipients in the following categories: Administrator Service, Community Service, School Board Service, and Support Staff Service and Teacher Service. Three individuals from our South Huntington learning family have been selected for this prestigious honor. At a previous Board meeting, Superintendent D'Elia had the pleasure of making the following statement:

“Mrs. Sheila Buhse will receive the Staff Service Award for the important and vital role she holds in our South Huntington School District. Dr. Joseph Centamore will receive the Administrator Service Award for his valuable service to our District. Lastly, Mr. Nicholas Ciappetta will receive the Board of Education Service Award for his tireless work as a board member and president.”

SCOPE Education Services is a not-for-profit organization that provides services to school districts in New York State. Founded in 1964, this educational organization was created by school superintendents and is charted by the New York State Board of Regents. With a mission to provide programs for educators, students, and parents, SCOPE offers and shares resources to address common concerns in education and in school districts.

“Leadership is all about teamwork, honor, service, and sacrifice. It is about the steadfast pursuit of meeting the needs of our children, staff, parents, and community,” Dr. Joseph Centamore commented when asked about receiving the Administrative Service Award. He went on to say, “I am humbled and honored to represent my administrative colleagues in acceptance of this award and thankful to Superintendent, Dr. D’Elia and the cabinet for their endorsement of my candidacy, and to the Board of Education for their enduring support. As we strive to make our schools a home away from home, I would be remiss if I didn’t reflect upon my own and acknowledge the love and support of my amazing wife Michelle and our beautiful children, Tobin, Grace, Jude, and Goldie. They continue to be my inspiration, as well as a source of pride and strength. I also had the good fortune of being raised along with my sister by two incredibly supportive parents, who instilled in us core citizenship and leadership qualities, in addition to an old-school, blue-collar work ethic.”

Joining the South Huntington family in 1999, Mrs. Sheila Buhse has over 20 years of dedicated service to the district. Mrs. Buhse began her career in South Huntington Schools as support for the Instruction, Curriculum, and Technology departments. She immediately immersed herself in the creative support system for our district’s students. Moving to the financial side of district operations in 2008 as the School Purchasing Agent, her tenacity, hard work, and commitment were recognized, and, in 2016, Mrs. Buhse was appointed as the School Nutrition Director where she has successfully navigated both positions for the past six years. Buhse has reinvented the way our schools provide lunches. Her belief that “hungry kids cannot learn” is her driving motivation to provide colorful, nutritious meals to all our district students.

In addition to her work as a member of the school district, Mrs. Buhse is also currently the Chairperson of SHEF (South Huntington Educational Foundation). SHEF’s mission is to provide aid and educational materials to our South Huntington learning family. Buhse certainly exemplifies the very essence of Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow each and every day.  She is a role model for excellence and charity, and her efforts—whether as the Purchasing Agent or the Nutrition Services Director—benefit our students immensely.

This month celebrates the 18th anniversary of Mr. Nicholas Ciappetta joining the South Huntington School District as an elected school board member. He was re-elected every three years ever since. In 2012, Mr. Ciappetta was elected as the Board of Education Vice President and remained in that position for five years. In Junely of 2017, Mr. Ciappetta was elected Board of Education President. Five years later, Mr. Ciappetta remains the Board of Education president.

“I am honored that SCOPE chose me to receive the 2022 SCOPE School Board Service Award,” Ciappetta commented. “School Board service is one of the most honorable and important roles that one can play in a community. This award is a testament to the fact that the South Huntington School District has become one of the finest school districts on Long Island, and I am grateful to be able to contribute to that success.”

Mr. Ciappetta’s passion for making South Huntington a place where students feel safe, happy, and empowered has certainly not gone unnoticed. South Huntington is grateful to Mr. Ciappetta for his efforts and dedication in the district for the past 18 years. This tremendous recognition from SCOPE for the Board of Education Service Award could not be given to a better candidate. Mr. Ciappetta goes above and beyond every single day to ensure South Huntington provides its students with the best resources and facilities and the most effective and efficient faculty and staff. We are proud to recognize Mr. Ciappetta for his continued commitment towith striving to ensure South Huntington is the best place it could be for students, staff, and its children.

“I am also extremely appreciative to SCOPE for this recognition, as well as their acknowledgment of Board President Nicholas Ciappetta and Nutrition Program Supervisor/Purchasing Agent Sheila Buhse,” Dr. Centamore stated. “I congratulate them both on their well-deserved Service Awards. It continues to be a true team effort. These SCOPE Service Awards are a celebration of the culture we have established in South Huntington, where we create the leaders of tomorrow, by modeling leadership today.”

South Huntington would like to, once again, congratulate each honoree and thank them for their significant contributions to the South Huntington School District. We look forward to the May 23rd dinner event where they will receive their well-deserved recognition.



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