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South Huntington Council of PTA's

2022 Scholarship Awards

The South Huntington Council of PTA awarded scholarships and achievement awards to over 50 exceptional Walt Whitman High School seniors. These students embody the best qualities of our student body and represent the best of our community. They’ve exceeded expectations in academics, music and the arts, athletics, vocational skills and citizenship, and we are proud to offer them these scholarships and awards. Congratulations to these students on their outstanding work!

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South Huntington PTA Scholarships 2022

Council Academic Scholars: Joshua Alms, Ryan Rowe, Abigail Tavera, Gabriel Gonzalez, and Victoria Isernia

Council Athletic Awards: Carly McEntee and Tyler Phillips

Council Citizenship Awards: Kristy Chillemi, Monica Riols Reyes, Kristina Lineen, Patrick McHale, Jr., and Dahyana Herrera Salazar

Council ELL Award: Roberto Vasquez Aparicio

Council Environmental Award: Amanda Esposito

Council Fine Arts Award: Violet LeClaire

Council Performing Arts Award: Quinlan Sellars

Council Robert J. Flathmann Jr. Technical Award: Connor Asma

Council Special Education Award: Kyle Freedman Avena

Council Service Awards: Donald Basedow and Alexandra Fullerton

Jane Martin Memorial Scholarship: Noah Ramos

Dr. Dave Bennardo Scholarship for Public Service: Christopher Davis

WWHS PTA Academic Scholar Awards: Anthony Carino, Ira Dubey, Kevin Rankel, Ashley Magee, and Salma Laraki

WWHS PTA ELL Award: Maria Paiva

WWHS PTA Fine Arts Award: Ziyad Choudry

WWHS PTA Performance Arts Award: Valeria Bruzual

WWHS PTA Special Education Award: Marissa Emanuele

WWHS PTA Vocational Award: Gianna Inga

WWHS PTA Athletics Awards: Alyssa Katwala and Michael Phillips

WWHS PTA Business Award: Giovanni Cartisano

WWHS PTA Social Sciences Award: Brooke Connor

WWHS PTA STEM Award: Mahhek Chaudhry

WWHS PTA English Award: Emelia Bitonti

WWHS PTA World Language Award: Daniella Sotello Guardado

Silas Wood/Stimson PTA Awards: Gianna Conte, Joseph DeRobertis, and Joseph Gervasio

Silas Wood/Stimson PTA Paul O’Brien Award: Charlotte O’Hara

Birchwood PTA Fran Hyde Award: Ashli Wuss

Birchwood PTA John Smith Award: Leonardo Castro

Maplewood PTA Andrew Garafalo Award: Ryan Davis

Maplewood PTA Hal Romer Award: Jonathan Holleran

Maplewood PTA Howard B. Link Award: Maya Biblow

Countrywood PTA Dr. Emily Rodgers Award: Mia Stampfel

Countrywood PTA Frank Zauner Award: Anthony Orgera

Oakwood PTA Paul Lyle Award: Brianna Morrissey

Oakwood PTA Sheila Montague Award: Akash Joshi

SEPTA Dominick Morreale Award: Alexandra Wheeler

Special Education PTA Award: Juliet Berger

SEPTA Ancient Order of Hibernians Awards: Bethany Ilnitzki and Daniel McGowan



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