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The annual Walt Whitman High School Senior Follies 2022 was brought back to center stage just in time for some laughs before the mid-winter recess. ‘Follies’ is a super fun time for everyone where the seniors perform skits and roast their favorite teachers, administrators and celebrate all that high school life can be. The lights dimmed and we were grateful for our eager audience, ready to be entertained with skits including Haunted School Store, Corcoran's Price is Right, Pip and the Crows, Rogers to the Rescue, and Thank You Notes, just to name a few.

To all the seniors who participated in Senior Follies - you did an amazing job!  It was so great to have a full PAC, filled with laughter once again. To all the teachers and administrators who joined us and provided the Seniors with endless material for the show - a great big thank you!  It was an awesome night!  Thank you to Mrs. Zamow for all her work with our Seniors!

Special thanks to the following for their invaluable help: The Senior Class officers for coordinating this year’s Follies, for being the keepers of all details and scripts, and just about everything else you can think of; Olivia Martinez, Jordan Logue, and Isabelle Geribon Sass for coordinating all the microphones and sound effects for the show; Alex Dollin for providing the show with lighting and special effects; The entire Lamplighter team for all the stage and lighting support in the PAC; SDE for providing the microphones and sound equipment for the show; The custodians for helping set up and for putting up with all of us making a mess at evening rehearsals; and Mr. Costa, the Walt Whitman Administrative Team, and all the teachers for being good sports and letting us laugh a little at the place we come to every day!

Photo Gallery

The senior class had an entire evening's worth of surprises that kept the fun coming.

Keira Conlon playing Mrs. O'Neill made for the perfect teacher representation in 'Haunted School Store' and many other skits throughout the night.

Birds were flying and sides were splitting as the 'Pip and the Crows' skit filled the PAC with big laughs.

'Karavias Time' poked harmless fun at the well-known marine biology teacher.

Senior Jordan Logue in the skit 'Latko Land Productions' played the English teacher effortlessly before presenting one of her spot on video montages.

Assistant Principal, Mr. Varlamos, and Principal, Mr. Costa, joined their cameos on stage for a surprise Greek dance.

The Star Wars themed skit depicted the transfer of power from former principal, Dr. Murphy, to new principal, Mr. Costa, with a light saber battle and Diet Coke truce.

The classic Senior Follies ender, 'Thank You Notes', showed appreciation for all that Walt Whitman has to offer. A big thank you goes to our seniors for such a great night!



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