South Huntington

School District

PTA Reflections Ceremony

and Recognition 2022

Congratulations to the talented students who were honored recently at the annual district-wide Reflections ceremony. This year, the special program’s 2022 theme was, ”‘I Will Change the World By…” and was sponsored by our South Huntington Council of PTAs and hosted by Silas Wood. This in person event allowed our parents and community members the opportunity to applaud the outstanding work of our creative children. We were fortunate to award the efforts of our students, appreciate their work on display and end the evening with wonderful dance performances by NYS PTA Reflections Award of Merit recipient, Julianne Meijer, and Suffolk Region PTA Reflections Award of Excellence recipient, Elizabeth Beirne.

We congratulate all of our Reflections participants for their continued creative spark,  and the dedicated parents for fostering a special love of learning in their homes. A special thanks also to our PTA representatives for making this wonderful event possible year after year!

Kristina Scragg, Countrywood Primary Center Reflections ChairpersonMara Nader, Countrywood Primary PTA President

Patrick Acierno*, Eliza Bobker, James Mason, Julianne Meijer**, Maya Millman*, Travis Nader, Olivia Njenga, Lena Peroni*, Kaitlyn Russotto*, Madison Russotto, Ellie Schiffmacher, Timothy Schiffmacher, Benjamin Scragg*, Trinity Stewart-Gomes, Jackson Snyder

Sara Strihic, Oakwood Primary Center Reflections Chairperson
Lea Hiller, Oakwood PTA President

Alexander Acierno, Katherine Beirne, Victoria Galli, Austen Henry, Ralph Hernandez, Lizbeth Honorato-Cerezo, Christopher Jordan, Katherine Jordan, Brayden Mackey-Elliott, Cayden Mackey-Elliott, Nathan Occhiuto, Benji Singer, Christian Tedesco

Cristina Occhiuto, Birchwood PTA President & Reflections Chairperson

Lola Bleiman, Elizabeth Beirne*, Charlie Edwards, Alexis Forlenza, Gabriella Lucille Galli, Andrew Ghibaudi, Lexy Holzweiss, Joseph Lasorsa, Joseph Occhiuto, Sophia Occhiuto, Sadie Singer, Samantha Talento, Andrew Tedesco, Rebecca Tripoli, Isabella Valle, Valentina Valle

Tara Lipari, Maplewood Intermediate Center Reflections Chairperson
Kate Demarest, Maplewood Intermediate PTA President

Sona Ali, Franke Caputo, Celena Fusaro, Carter Garcia, Alexander Garrido, Joseph Gizzi, Cooper Majewski, Sebastian McCord, Wyatt Mc Parland, Ashley Millman, Meghan Gulickson, Charlie Nader, Connor Njenga, Logan Njenga, Giusseppe Rizzolo III, Irena Rodriguez, Fred Scragg, Ryan Schiffmacher, Shannon Sinnott, Thomas Wasylyshyn

Gerri Striga, Silas Wood and Stimson Reflections Chairperson
Dayna Ciotti, Silas Wood Sixth Grade Center and Stimson Middle School PTA President

Melody Jaeger Ezell, Riley Holzweiss, Tyler Holzweiss, Matthew Russotto, Aryaa Shah, Brayan Velasquez Losa

Jennifer Lang, Walt Whitman PTA Reflections Chairperson
Laurel Addis, Walt Whitman High School PTA President

Josh Alms, Salma Laraki, Carly Mineo, Angela Shedlow

*Indicates a Suffolk Region Award of Excellence winner
**Indicates a New York State Award of Merit Winner

Photo Gallery

Countrywood student and NYS PTA Reflections Award of Merit recipient, Julianne Meijer, performed her dance piece in person at the ceremony.

Birchwood student and Suffolk Region PTA Reflections Award of Excellence recipient, Elizabeth Beirne, performed her dance to close the evening of celebration.



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