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Panettone di

Natale 2021

Students from Ms. Portaro's and Ms. Stefanelli's Italian classes enthusiastically participated in this year's Panettone di Natale contest. The Italian Christmas cakes were beautifully and creatively decorated, representing one of the typical traditions during the holiday celebrations of Italian culture. The Panettone is an Italian Christmas cake that Italians both gift and enjoy during the Christmas season. It is a cake that originated in Milan and can be found in many different flavors throughout Italy, since the Middle Ages.

This project has become a tradition that is done every year, where students have the choice of how they want to decorate a Panettone in the most creative way possible, either individually or in groups. The high school’s Language Department votes on the cakes to choose the top 3 winners every year to receive a prize.

This year's prizes were awarded to:

1st Place: Panettone #11 Aiden Dearborn

2nd Place: Panettone #8 Lindsay Alms, Madison Caiazzo, and Sofia Reichhold

3rd Place: Panettone #2 Olivia Barrett and Alexandra Lynde

Thanks to all the students for all their hard work and effort!

Italian teachers, Ms. Stefanelli (left) and Ms. Portaro (right), congratulate this year's Panettone di Natale winners.



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