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Recycling Around Your School

Operation RAYS Recycling Around Your School
The Girl Scout Association is well known for their ability to foster the creativity, courage, and leadership skills of young ladies across the country since 1912. South Huntington School District is proud to recognize and support our very own Elisa Hustedt, who has been involved in Girl Scouts since Kindergarten and now, as a Senior at Walt Whitman High School, is looking to give back to her community in conjunction with completing the Gold Award project.
The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest achievement a Girl Scout can earn, requires that each girl must complete two Senior or Ambassador journeys or complete one Senior or Ambassador journey and have earned a Girl Scout Silver Award. In 2017, Elisa received her Girl Scout Silver Award by constructing benches for the Stimson Middle School courtyard. Now, as she strives to earn the Gold Award, Elisa proposed Operation RAYS (Recycling Around Your School), a project she created to encourage recycling within schools in an effort to preserve marine wildlife. Her intentions are to raise funds for recycling bins within the classrooms and cafeteria of Maplewood Intermediate School, as well as creating a website to further inform the community about pollution in the oceans, its environmental impact on marine ecosystems, and how we can help reduce it. “With this project, I wish to teach others about their impact on the world around them,” shared the ambitious senior, “I hope to inspire my community to take action towards having cleaner oceans, as well as provide methods for students and families to reduce pollution in their community.”
As Elisa concentrates on educating others about the effects of pollution on marine life through her project Operation RAYS, South Huntington School District encourages students, families, and community members to participate in this worthwhile endeavor. Thank you Elisa for creating a project that allows others to get involved, understand the impact we have on the ocean environment, and for encouraging our South Huntington community to help make a difference.

Walt Whitman High School Senior Elisa Hustedt is looking to obtain the highest award a Girl Scout can receive through her Gold Award project, Operation RAYS.



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