South Huntington

School District

NYS Selects Two

Master Teachers from Whitman

Congratulations to Walt Whitman High School educators Amy Bouchard and Frederick Feraco who have been selected as New York State Master Teachers!

In February, Governor Hochul announced the new list of Master Teachers, in which two South Huntington teachers were selected amongst the 230 chosen Master Teachers, representing 159 school districts across New York State. These 230 Master Teachers are dedicated professionals who teach science, technology, computer science, robotics, coding, engineering, math, and integrated STEM courses across grades K-12, including Advanced Placement, Honors, and Regents levels.

Many of the 230 Master Teachers have been recognized for years of outstanding service by their peers, local communities, or professional associations. In the Governor’s announcement, she acknowledged that these Master Teachers are “active beyond their classrooms, serving as curriculum and department leaders or members of district and State level committees, as well as mentor teachers for student and early career teachers.” Our district is fortunate to have two shining examples of such educators at Walt Whitman High School.

“Being a Master Teacher gives us the ability to connect on a professional level to incorporate and enrich our classroom teaching and our lessons with different modalities that we can use in our classrooms,” said chemistry and robotics teacher Amy Bouchard, who has been teaching at Whitman since 2006.

“It’s about bringing STEM education to the next level for our students,” shared Fred Feraco, who has been teaching science and research at Whitman since 2016. Especially with the pandemic, technology has been at the forefront of education. “There's a lot we can learn as veteran educators and that we can contribute to keep us excited about teaching.” These two outstanding teachers consider how they can use technology resources to better educate our students, especially during a time when using technology has become more prominent and necessary.

“It's a humbling experience to be selected out of 230 educators in New York State, and it’s an amazing accomplishment to have two of us teachers from Whitman be chosen,” shared Mrs. Bouchard. “It’s a privilege to be teaching here with all of these amazing teachers,” added Mr. Feraco.

We are thrilled to recognize Amy Bouchard and Fred Feraco as they are welcomed into this dynamic program, joining the Long Island cohort based at Stony Brook University. Within this program, they will have the opportunity to work with like-minded STEM educators that exhibit similar levels of passion and commitment to their work. We are honored to have these two educators who continually push the boundaries of their practice to create meaningful learning opportunities for their students, both as mentors and now as Master Teachers.



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