South Huntington

School District

Nightmare on

Main Street 2021

Featured work by South Huntington artists (top left to bottom right) Julia Campanella, Jayla St. Croix, Erica Chung, and Monica Katwala.

Celebrating its 10th year, Huntington Arts Council’s “Nightmare on Main Street” remains a highly popular exhibition. Students’ grades 6-12 were invited to participate in the annual Halloween themed show with artwork reflecting on the cultural influences of the occasion observed in many countries.

Congratulations to our South Huntington artists whose artwork has been chosen for exhibition in the Huntington Art Council's "Nightmare on Main Street." This annual event is open for viewing at the Huntington Arts Gallery from October 22nd through November 13th.

Please join us in applauding these talented young artists -

Erica Chung                       Midnight Stroll in Kurazukuri Street

Julia Campanella               Life and Death

Monica Katwala                 Red Forest

Jayla St. Croix                   Skeleton on Main Street

For more information on all of the artists and their work, click here.

"My name is Erica Chung, and I am currently in 8th grade. I get inspiration through everything, whether it be school, hanging out with friends, or when I am simply taking a walk, I get ideas rapidly. All these ideas are turned into drawings or stories; I really enjoy creating characters, giving them life and unique aspects, and I plan on doing something like that in the future. One person who has achieved this goal is Kohei Horikoshi, a mangaka who has created the immensely popular show, My Hero Academia. Right now, my biggest project is titled “Route 13”, which is a story I have been developing since 4th grade featuring lots of characters I have designed and written myself!"

"My name is Julia Campanella, I am in 8th grade. I love art, it gives me the chance to be free and creative to whatever I want. There is no right and wrong in artwork."

"I believe that my inspiration for this piece in particular is my love for the color red. Red I think can be interpreted as passion, love, or it could be something scary, which is why this color plays such a big part in this drawing."

"My name is Jayla St. Croix and I am 14 years old. I am in the 9th grade attending Walt Whitman High School. My drawing for Nightmare on Elm Street was inspired by Halloween and what reminds me of such. The colors I used in my skeleton like red, orange, purple, yellow, and black are colors that remind me of that time of the year. The shaded black gives me more of a scarier vibe."



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