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Sergeant Michael S. Curtin was appointed to the NYPD in January 1988 after serving 12 years in active duty in the United States Marine Corps. He was originally assigned to the Emergency Services unit in 1991 but saw his police career interrupted when he was called to duty during Operation Desert Storm. Serving on the front lines, he held the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and retired from the Reserves as a Sergeant Major. After returning to the NYPD, he responded to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and was assigned to the Oklahoma City rescue efforts. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1995. Michael Curtin subsequently served as a security guard at Walt Whitman High School. On September 11, 2001, he was called into action and tragically perished during World Trade Center rescue efforts. The students recognized for this award are nominated in his honor.

Michael S. Curtin Citizenship Awards - Class of 2021

Adrian Adames Contreras, Geysi Antunez Carcamo, Willian Barraco, Logan Bermudez, Jaysson Berrios Ruiz, Emily Kate Bialoskurski, Grant Biederman, Thomas Biryla, Delia Botta, Juan Chamorro, Carlo Conte Jr., Alison Contreras Zavala, Hannah Cruz, Carissa Delcole, Ashley Di Bartolomeo, Daniel Di Leo, Brooke Donovan, Olivia Evola, Jocelyne Giron, Aidan Glidden, Justin Goldberg, Elena Gomez Alvarenga, Abby Grant, Ruhullah Halimi, Marisa Havekotte, Timothy Hunter, Brianna Iacovone, Joseph Kennedy, Tejasveer Khera, Daniel Kramer, Steven Lainez Gomez, Ariana Levin, Joseph Libardi, Yerin Marcia Buezo, Juan Mateo Galicia, Thomas Matthews, Nicole Mattila, Sabrina Mc Evoy, Kimberly Melendez Sangurima, Anthony Mendoza, Michael Morales Discua, Jordan Moreno Quintanilla, Max Peretson, Jonathan Rigel, Antony Rios, John Rodriguez, Jennifer Rosales Alas, Marvin Saravia, Jeremy Schankin, Joseph Scheiner, Christopher Schindler, Louidji Seizeme, Thomas Swanson, Amanda Trifon, Luisa Valencia Castaneda, Chelsey Villatoro Alfaro, Liam Weigele, Brianna Whelan, and Kortney Wilkerson Ferguson.

Congratulations to all of Walt Whitman’s recipients of this distinguished award. Those students nominated for this award exemplify service and to be recognized in memory of Michael Curtin is a true honor. Congratulations to all!

Walt Whitman's new incoming Principal, Mr. Ken Costa, expressed his congratulations to the Class of 2021 while sharing a personal memory of Sergeant Michael Curtin.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 Michael S. Curtin Citizenship Award recipients, whose names will be displayed on the walls of Walt Whitman for years to come.

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