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Mercy Benefit

Concert 2022

The 26th annual Mercy Benefit Concert was held recently at Walt Whitman High School, showcasing talented musicians and artists all for a good cause. This year, every ticket purchase for this concert benefits Community Solidarity, formerly known as Food Not Bombs, were able to raise over $2000.00 for the charitable organization.

The annual concert was ‘live on the lawn’ outside of Whitman’s South Cafeteria, allowing for the audience to spread out on blankets and beach chairs to enjoy great music as well as the outdoors. The line up featured music by our students and staff with appearances from the high school administration that made for a special treat. Each act brought a unique energy to the stage. From original music to covers and EDM to poetry reading, the night offered something for everyone to enjoy. The evening truly showcased the creative talent and originality of those students and staff who took to the stage.

This year's event contributes to Community Solidarity, a Long Island focused food source that considers one of her primary distribution centers Huntington Station. The mission of this organization is more than a nonprofit. “It’s more than a grassroots movement; Community Solidarity is a philosophy. A philosophy based on the belief that empowered, compassionate communities can heal themselves and in doing so create the blueprint for greater social change. Largely we do this by providing groceries, fresh produce and warm vegan meals to low-income communities. All the food we distribute is completely vegetarian and mostly organic. We collect clothing, books, toiletries, and toys for redistribution as well. We organize guerrilla gardening programs that range from blanketing neighborhoods with sunflowers to providing families with peach trees. Our Mission is to build a better world. Between people, animals and the planet, our mission is compassion.” Visit the site and see the good soulful work these folks have been doing for a very long time:

Congratulations to all of the talented musicians, poets, and performers who put on an incredible show. Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our performers and Community Solidarity.

Watch and listen to this year's Mercy Benefit Concert here.

Photo Gallery

WWHS English Teacher, Mr. Pipolo, welcomed performers and guests to the Mercy Benefit Concert while introducing this year's charitable organization, Community Solidarity.

Senior Serena Heddell performed a song as the night's first solo act.

Both teachers and students took the stage, showcasing talents of all ages within our school community.

Seniors Hannah Albert and James Boccone performed two songs, one cover and an original written by Hannah.

The night featured original poetry by students in Mr. Pipolo's Creative Writing class, including one by Senior Sarah Palladino.

Sophomore Andrew Lorente brought EDM between acts for a lively addition to the show.

The crowd took advantage of the outdoor space to freely enjoy the night of performances.



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