South Huntington

School District

Mercy Benefit

Concert 2021

The 24th annual Mercy Benefit may have appeared a bit different in comparison to concerts past, nonetheless, the cause and sentiment remains the same. Every ticket purchase toward this annual concert goes towards a local food pantry to positively impact those in need within our community.

This year’s concert was ‘live on the lawn,’ and the change in location was a tremendous move. The use of the courtyard outside of the usual South Cafeteria venue allowed for the audience to spread out on blankets and beach chairs to enjoy great music and the outdoors. The line up featured music by our students and staff with appearances from the high school administration that made for a special treat. Each act brought a unique energy to the stage, from original music to covers, and EDM to poetry reading, the night offered something for everyone to enjoy. The evening truly showcased the creative talent and originality of those students and teachers who took to the stage.

“It is a cool night of creation as activism. We call it creativism…based on the fundamental belief that creation is a very real response to things that seem way out of our control,” shared a grateful Mr. Pipolo. It is through this idea that “the more we create, the more we exist,” and that “a community of thoughtful sharing is a strong and beautiful place.”

This yearly event contributes to Project HOPE, an organization formed by the youth of St. Hugh of Lincoln Parish in response to the hungry, homeless, and unemployed in and around Huntington. Through the operation of mobile soup kitchens, food drives, clothing collections, and meal service, Project HOPE strives to minister to those in need in our community.

Thank you to our performers: Kristen Salas, Rob Conroy and Chuck, the Marc Malafronte Band, Andrew Lorente, Frank Yolango, Matt Hoffman, Vito Monti, John Murphy, Jon Varlamos, (YoHoMoMuVa), Hannah Albert, Hannah Crus, Rena Shapiro, Dalton Marzigliano, Julia Rinaldi, Michelle Mullin, Delia Botta, Kortney & Company, Pam Carey, John Andreoni, Cal Eidinoff, Max Peretson & Co.

Photo Gallery

English teacher and advisor, Joseph Pipolo, welcomed everyone with much gratitude as they came together for the live outdoor event.

Math teacher Rob Conroy made an appearance alongside Chuck Salerno to play a few covers for the crowd.

This was the first year that Mercy Benefit featured EDM (electronic dance music) by freshman Andrew Lorente.

Seniors Dalton Marzigliano and Rena Shapiro sang a fan-favorite tune by Taylor Swift, accompanied by senior Max Peretson on acoustic guitar.

‘YoHoMoMuVa,’ consisting of Orchestra teacher Frank Yolango on the bass, Band Director Matt Hoffman on the guitar, English teacher Vito Monti on the drums, and vocalists Principal Murphy and Assistant Principal Varlamos, thrilled the crowd with an unforgettable performance.

Senior Michelle Mullin beautifully played the classic, Blue Bayou, on acoustic.

Pam Carey, John Andreoni, Cal Eidinoff, Max Peretson & Co. were the cherry on top of a great night of performances.



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