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Highlights from Whitman's

Annual Spring Dance Concert

The annual Spring Dance Concert at Walt Whitman High School featured one of Long Island's top high school dance programs, directed and choreographed by Susan Turner Radin. We were grateful to have our dancers perform in front of an enthusiastic audience that brought wonderful energy to Whitman’s Performing Arts Center.

Walt Whitman High School Jazz Band, directed by Mr. Matt Hoffman, got the night of creative talents off to a great start by performing seven numbers from their 2021-22 repertoire. Director of Orchestra, Mr. Frank Yolango, went on to direct the Symphonic Orchestra as the accompaniment for the first dance performance Moonlight.

Whitman’s Dance director, Mrs. Susan Turner Radin would like to acknowledge two seniors for their extraordinary achieve­ments during their four years in the Whitman Dance Program with the following awards. Congratulations Kira Steffen for receiving the Arts Development Fund for Dance, and Emily Gorecki on receiving the WWHS Art Recognition Award for Dance. Their talent, commitment, leadership and artistry have been invaluable to the Whitman Dance Program and will be greatly missed.

It was with great pride that two Whitman dancers were inducted into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts on this special evening as well. These young women have met all of the requirements for induction through their participation in numerous dance courses, performances, workshops, creative activities and extracurricular dance experiences. Congratulations to inductees Harley Guarisco and Emily Gorecki!

Congratulations to inductees Harley Guarisco and Emily Gorecki!

**Photo Gallery**

Lighting Design by Jaxon Hickey

Sound Design & Technician: John Andreoni

Stage Crew: Amanda Phelan, Victoria Pascrell

Studio in Dance: Marcela Avalos Teves, Scarlett Bolanos,·cailin Claus, Nate Fontanetta, Madeline Franz, Magaly Garay, Alexondra Geor­giades, Isabelle Girbon Sass, Arianna Guevara, Serena Reddell, Marissa Karcher, Eman Khursand, Violet LeClaire, Jordan Logue, Giulianna McGuigan, Lillyonna Morales, Mogan O'Donoghue, Edward Pena, Shiza Rehman, Alexandra Sales, Kira Steffen

Modern Dance I: Jeveeny Campos Trejos, Tamia Chavis, Mikaila Cortes, D'naiya Davis, Emmaleigh Goldfarb, Emily Gorecki, Liam Heather, Jasmin Iraheta Bautista, Dakota Madrid, Destiny Miller, Cathe­rine Muller, Harpreet Rattu, Anna Sabellico, Stephanie Shef, Kira Stef­fen, Jessica Sylvester, LaMaya Trotman, Stevie Wilson

Modern Dance II/III: Fern Brazeau, Kaitlyn Clark, Liana Dreusike, Emily Gorecki, Harley Guarisco, Lauren Kispert, Makayla Lewis, Alana Marzigliano, Amanda Phelan, Edward Pena, Alexandra Sales, Kira Stef­fen, Dayaneliz Veliz

WWHS Symphonic Orchestra:

Violin I: Valeria Bruzual, Ryan Davis, Adriana DePrisco, Noah Ra­mos, Lana Maniatis, Erin Torres, Liam Curtain, Paige Kessler, Eliana Montague, Eman Khursand, Daniela Ferrera Molina, Fernanda Martinez, Pricelya Reyes, Emma Boccone, Eliana Kazin, Angelina Todaro, Jack Weinhofer; Viola: Ashli Wuss, Molly Dugan, Dahyana Herrera Salazar, Emily Garcia Maldonado, Shelene Farquharson, Janeth Saravia, Olivia Beck, Cortney LaBella, Erika Moreira, Erica Sanchez, Omar Contreras; Cello: Marc Malafronte, Shawn Tabibzada, Abigail Tavera, Alexis Galant, Olivia Martinez, Serena Reddell, Adrian Spencer; Bass: Jordan Henkel, Ethan Shapiro, Nicholas Aramburu

Jazz Band Personnel

Saxes: Esteban Maraboli, Kristiane DiMaulo, Jay Dancy, Alexis Guarisco, Liam Hill, Felipe Nunez, William Schiller, Abby Burkitt, Bronsyn Chiechi, Peyton Galgano, William Lang; Trombones/Baritones: Jordan Logue, Kira Steffen, Dylan Vincent, Luke Pedretti, Luke Vaughan; Trumpets: Kate Adams, Justin Grillo, Sean Haritonides, James Lettis, Christopher Macaluso, Andrew Markell, Shaun Murphy; Flute: Harper Garvey; Piano: Anthony Maida, Anthony Maraboli, Andrew Fogel; Bass: Adelrhany Georges, Joseph Gurba; Drums: John Andreoni, Colin Murphy, Cristian Ortez; Guitar: Liam Curtin, Marc Malafronte

'Moonlight' was inspired by the Heckscher Museum's exhibit, Moonstruck, and in collaboration with the WWHS Fine & Performing Arts Department.

'Glue' was performed by students in Modern Dance II/III with music by Duke Pearson.

Emily Gorecki performed 'Pheonix' in conjunction with a poetry reading by Jordan Logue, written by Violet LeClaire, and named Grand Champion for multimedia entry into the Walt Whitman Birthplace Student Poetry contest.

The dance 'Shattered' signifies how true beauty is not found by looking in a mirror.

'We Meet Again' was choreographed by Turner and dancers.

Dancers performed 'Phobias' to symbolize the fear of spiders.

'Phobias' also included claustrophobia in this powerful dance piece.

This series of dances portrayed relatable fears with creative movements.

'Ascension' was choreographed and performed by Kira Steffen along with an original piece written and read by Sarah Cruz.

Dancers from Modern Dance II/III finished the night of performances with 'What is Jazz?' with music by Club Des Belugas.



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