South Huntington

School District

Gina Tinucci - Walt Whitman's

Teacher of the Year

Ms. Tinucci has worked in South Huntington for over 27 years. While mostly at Walt Whitman High School, her employment has found her at Oakwood and Silas Wood as well. She has taught almost every visual arts course offered at the high school from Studio in Art to Advertising Design to Animation to Fash­ion, and has taught at the Alternative School for over a decade. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Tinucci has served as an advisor to the Lamplighters Stage Crew club and founded and continues to advise the National Art Honor Society. She has also been a mentor to new teachers not only within her own depart­ment but as a teacher within the District's New Teacher Training program. In addition, Ms. Tinucci has forged relationships with entities outside of school to the benefit of her students, including but not limited to, Artists in Residence through BOCES, the Nassau County Museum of Art, the South Huntington Public Library, and the Whitman Birthplace, while teaching at Heckscher Museum throughout her career.

While her competence in the arts and her complete control of her subject mat­ter is proficient, her main focus is always on her students, not only those who intrinsically possess a love of the arts but also, those who struggle with self­-confidence and find their way through the craft inspired in her classroom. Always wearing a smile, Ms. Tinucci is a positive force within the school build­ing. Her approachability and her ability to listen make people feel safe, a char­acter trait that has become so important in recent, very difficult, emotional times. In the words of one of her current colleagues, "One of Gina's greatest strengths is her compassion for others and incredible patience. (She) is a leader ... who teachers look up to. Her enthusiasm ... motivates all of us."



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