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The South Huntington School District's Technology and Elementary STEAM Initiatives Departments were happy to hold their 2nd Annual Family STREAM Day before Spring Break at Maplewood Intermediate School. The event is a great opportunity for students K-5 and their families to learn about the integration of Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, The Arts, and Mathematics through engaging hands-on, discovery-based activities.

Students and their families had the chance to participate in two 60-minute workshops that included activities such as Microbits and MakeCode, Digital Escape Room, 3Doodler Spud Heads, Lego Bric Q Dog Obstacle Course, and more. “These stream sessions allowed for productive struggle where we focus on problem solving skills, logical awareness, and computational thinking all while being engaged in hands-on learning tasks,” shared Mrs. Janine D’Elia, Technology Integration Coach at Maplewood. The goal of this annual event is to provide a showcase for students to show them what STREAM is all about and engage them in fun activities while promoting collaboration, observation, and problem solving skills.

It was a wonderful morning as teachers led these exciting workshops for students and their families to enjoy. Thank you to all of our teachers and high school helpers for allowing the day to run smoothly. Thank you to Janine D’Elia, Mari Hahn, Elizabeth Weis and the Technology and Elementary STEAM Initiatives Department for organizing this event!

Photo Gallery

Mr. Morrill guided students as they interacted with new Anatomage technology to gain a better understanding of animal and plant life in the "Let's Look Up Close" workshop.

With help from Ms. Patino, students used art and design to learn about science, technology, engineering and math by building models of real world mechanisms.

Participants in grades K-2 engaged with their 5 senses and designed a Mama or Papa Spud-Head or their baby, Tater-Tot. Based on the Mister Potato Head game, students doodled eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands in order to demonstrate how we use our senses.

Students used their critical thinking skills to break free of the Digital Escape Room.

Students were provided hands-on activities to experiment with coding and design challenges in a fun and interactive way.

Through hands-on exploration with the wooden robot Cubetto, students and their families learned to use cardinal directions and coding tiles, as well as the control board to navigate through the Cubetto adventure map.

Participants in grades K-5 used The Scientific Method and a Dichotomous Key to investigate and solve the mystery of doggy illness in the "What's Wrong With Our Puppy?" workshop.



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