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Dr. Kendall Richards,

Walt Whitman's New Assistant Principal

Walt Whitman High School's former Administrative Dean is now proudly serving as one of the high school's new assistant principals.

Former Administrative Dean at Walt Whitman High School, Dr. Kendall Richards is now proudly serving as one of Whitman’s new Assistant Principals.

As a former Administrative Dean, Dr. Richards feels he endured a rich experience with an easy transition due to his previous roles as Assistant Principal and Administrative Dean at the Success Academy in Manhattan. “What has helped prepare me in that role is having interactions with so many different entities within a school setting,” he shared. He has been able to communicate with various levels of the school community, including parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the remainder of the staff. His focus on the underclassmen at the high school when he first started working at Whitman was also beneficial, because as a new administrator, he was able to meet new students who were starting their early years in the school along with him.

Dr. Kendall’s first experience in South Huntington was when he interned as a Social Worker at Stimson Middle School during his graduate program. As Assistant Principal, Dr. Richards recognizes the heightened responsibilities, checks and balances, and the importance of “communicating early and often” with fellow administrators. Now being in more of a leadership position, “it gives you a little more flexibility to plan and make decisions,” he added. He also explained that social work and this administrative role have many parallels, including “a lot of ability to interact with various facets of the school in order to support the students’ needs, family needs, and the school’s needs at the time.”  In his new position, Dr. Richards wants to be as accessible as possible, in which he said, “I want to make sure that I’m visible throughout the entire building, to make sure that everybody in the building knows that I am a reliable resource.” He wants to stay on top of attendance, keeping students coming to school, and communicating with them and their parents on school policies and procedures. He wishes to try to “ensure that our students have the capability of reaching their goals to the highest potential.”

Dr. Richards vocalized that he will do “everything I can to support that.”



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