South Huntington

School District

Dr. Gayle Steele,

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction & Curriculum for Elementary Education K-6

Maplewood's former principal, Dr. Gayle Steele, is now serving as South Huntington's Assistant Superintendent of Instruction & Curriculum for Elementary Education K-6

Former principal of Maplewood Intermediate School, Dr. Gayle Steele, is now proudly serving as Assistant to the Superintendent for Elementary Education, K-6.

From 1990 to 1997, Dr. Steele was a caseworker with foster children, and since then knew she enjoyed working with children and families. In some instances, “kids were in some pretty tough situations,” she expressed, “and it became a passion for me to find ways to help them better themselves.”  “You can be anything you want to be, regardless of what your background is, and what obstacles are in front of you,” she expressed.

“It was welcoming from day one,” Dr. Steele said, speaking on her arrival in South Huntington as Maplewood’s Principal.   “I love being here, and love what South Huntington stands for,” Dr. Steele added. At Homecoming, she thought the involvement of the elementary school children and those who don’t have children in the district was very encouraging. “It’s a big district, but you get a small community feel,” she added.  In her new position, Dr. Steele wants to highlight all of the good happening in the elementary schools, and make a seamless Kindergarten through 12th-grade experience. “I really want people to know the hard work and dedication that goes into elementary schools.” She wants the children starting out in Kindergarten to know they have a special place in the district and that they can expect great things from day one as they continue their learning in South Huntington.

Dr. Steele is a huge sports fan, especially baseball and football. She likes going to games and traveling to see different stadiums. Most recently, she became a new grandma and is looking forward to enjoying her hobbies through her new grandson.



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