South Huntington

School District

Denise Ortiz - Maplewood's

Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Denise Ortiz has been an educator here in South Huntington for the past 20 years. Throughout her years she has been known by her colleagues and students as someone who is greatly dedicated to her craft and always willing to do whatever is necessary for the needs of her students. When a student enters Mrs. Ortiz's classroom, they not only become her student, but also part of her family. This is most evident in the countless number of stu­dents who can be found coming back to Maplewood years after graduation just to say "thank you" to her.

Mrs. Ortiz is an artist at heart. Before going into education she had a ca­reer as a choreographer, trainer, and graphic artist for an aerobics compa­ny. Her experience creating company logos and advertisements proved ex­tremely helpful a few years ago when the Maplewood SBM team wanted to redesign the mural in the lobby entrance. Mrs. Ortiz spent countless hours after school and on Saturdays bringing the design to life, and providing a wel­come entrance to our school building.

Upon first meeting Mrs. Ortiz it is evident that she is someone who cares deeply for both the school and community of South Huntington. Mrs. Ortiz has proven to be an enthusiastic, diligent, and creative teacher and is known throughout the halls of Maplewood as our resident dual-language guru. She continues to plan instruction that is engaging and developmentally appropri­ate, uses a variety of assessment strategies to monitor and evaluates student learning. As a Teacher Representative on the Maplewood PTA she informs and advises the school community on the 4th grade curriculum and activities for the students. Mrs. Ortiz is often found volunteering her translation ser­vices to ensure that all students and families are receiving communication in their native language.



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