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This year we are proud to induct four Whitman dancers into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts, Chapter 4. The inductees have met all of the requirements for induction through their participation in numerous dance courses, performances, workshops, creative activities, and extracurricular dance experiences at Walt Whitman High School and beyond. These students represent the true dedication to developing themselves as technicians, artists, and citizens in the world.

Inductees: Delia Botta, Jessica Mangels, Isabelle Philippe, Kira Steffen

WWHS Art Recognition Award for Dance: Jessica Mangels

Director and Dance Instructor, Ms. Susan Turner Radin (left), inducted four of her dancers into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts, Chapter 4.

Studio in Dance: Hannah Albert, Cailin Claus, Ashley Di Bartolomeo, Arianna Guevara, Liam Heather, Marissa Karcher, Makayla Lewis, Jor­dan Logue, Destiny Miller, Alexandra Sales, Isabelle Sass, Faith Stone, Kira Steffen, Lisbeth Molina Vasquez

Modern Dance I: Kimberly Campos, Alexondra Georgiades, Lauren Kispert, Edward Pena, Amanda Phelan, Shiza Rehman, Stefany Reyes Cruz, Dayaneliz Veliz

Modern Dance II/III: Delia Botta, Fern Brazeau, Kaitlyn Clark, Ashley Di Bartolomeo, Julia Dong, Liana Dreusike, Madeline Franz, Emily Gorecki, Harley Guarisco, Jalynn Jones, Joseph Kennedy, Brendan Kispert, Jessica Mangels, Alana Marzigliano, Hunter Millman, Daniella Padinha, Isabelle Philippe, Luisa Valencia, Edgardo Velasquez, Aniyah Walters, Brianna White.

Dance Performances:
Photo Gallery
Recording of Performances


This piece reflects a common theme in our conversations this year- the desire to find peace amidst the chaos.
Choreographed by Turner, Ms. Normani Smiley & Dancers
Performed by Studio in Dance I, II, III
Music by Gyorgy Ligeti and Still Small Voice


We wore a mask for protection from this contagious virus. It became our armor, a muzzle, a fashion accessory, an obsession, and now a sym­bol of liberation.
Choreographed by Turner, Ms. Normani Smiley & Dancers
Performed by Modern Dance I
Music by Arvo Part


This piece explores the struggles of teaching and learning in the Hybrid model-tight spaces, small screens, glitches, frozen images, mute but­tons, distractions, disregard, laziness, struggle, lethargy, isolation, and depression. Ironically, its creation also reveals the extraordinary plan­ning, motivation, and innovation required to succeed in this model.
Choreographed by Turner & Dancers Performed by Modern Dance II & III 
Music by Masters of Percussion, Funky Porcini, Phillip Glass Music designed by John Andreoni


The technique of ballet is extremely difficult to learn and perform. It re­quires dancers to externally rotate their lower body, defy gravity, bal­ance and rotate precariously on one limb, extend themselves beyond nor­mal physical abilities and execute hundreds of codified skills with French names in a very specific prescribed manner. Inspired by the legendary Balanchine and in the spirit of reinvention, we abstracted the classical lines and technique to create Figurative.
Choreographed by Turner, Ms. Normani Smiley & Bancers
Performed by Studio in Dance I, II, III
Music by Tin Hat Trio

Each Other

For all of the people that were unable to hug their loved ones during the pandemic; we hope your arms and hearts are now full.
Choreographed by Turner & Dancers
Performed by Delia Botta, Fem Brazeau, Ashley Di Bartolomeo, Liana Dreusike, Madeline Franz, Emily Gorecki, & Joseph Kennedy
Music by Grace Potter, Jackson Browne, Marcus King, & Lucius


Hmm.. a video game that gets you to dance...
Choreographed by Turner, Kaitlin Clark, Ashley Di Bartolomeo, Made­line Franz, Brendan Kispert & Dancers
Performed by Modern Dance II & III
Music designed by John Andreoni

Dedication from Director and Choreographer, Susan Turner Radin:

I can honestly say without hesitation that this year has been the most difficult of my 23 year teaching career. The challenge of engaging students academically and artistically through a computer screen amidst the distractions of their comfortable homes and the emotional struggles created by the pandemic was daunting, and required the utmost effort and showmanship I could muster. Teachers are always in performance mode, but the quarantine and the hybrid educational model took that component of teaching to an extreme. Despite the pedagogical and ar­tistic challenges presented, the show must go on! We danced, we ex­plored, we stretched, we reached beyond the limitations of our situation and we did our very best to create new works and new perspectives on our lives and futures.

As this year comes to a close, so does Dr. Bennardo's term as Superintendent of South Huntington Schools. Dr. B has not only been a strong and compassionate leader, but his advocacy of the dance, thea­tre, art and music programs has provided our students with an outlet for their creativity and emotions and enabled them to continue their pursuit of excellence in the arts, even during a pandemic. Though some deem the arts ancillary to education, the students in the dance, music and art studios of Whitman see them as essential to their education and Dr. Bennardo' s unwavering support for the arts in South Huntington has been greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. You will forever be a part of the Fine and Performing Arts Department in South Hun­tington. We wish you the best on your next adventure.

Similarly, our beloved principal, Dr. Murphy, will be relocating to the District Office. His contagious enthusiasm and positivity, inde­fatigable energy and dedication to his students will be greatly missed within the walls of Whitman, but we have no doubt that his love for Whitman will be extended to the entire district. Dr. Murphy's studio visits, unique dance moves and flying grand jetes have earned him the status of Honorary Whitman Dancer. His leadership and presence will be missed in the halls and classrooms of Whitman, but we know that his commitment to the arts in South Huntington will persist. Thank you for all you do for your students and faculty!



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