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Countrywood Primary Center hosted a wonderful celebration in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Countrywood SBM Team had an opportunity to begin a new tradition this year with the annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th. During this time, we recognize the many contributions from American citizens whose ancestors are of Hispanic origin from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. This year, students in the Dual Language classes K-2 were asked to create posters with information about a Spanish-speaking country. The poster could reflect the heritage of their own family or the inquisitive work of a young researcher!

During the celebration, posters, artifacts and photographs that our students brought in were displayed, and the event included an invitation to the WWHS Latino Heritage Club to perform in Countrywood’s all-purpose room. The Latino Heritage Club has been a part of Walt Whitman High School for about 17 years. The club’s purpose has been to give students the opportunity to share with the school community the rich and vibrant Latin culture through dances and music. Throughout the years, it has expanded to also share other cultural activities as well as community service. The club strives to reach all members of our community, no matter what ethnicity they are. Our goal is to embrace the Hispanic Culture, share it, and celebrate it with each other.

All of the K-2 classes came together to participate in this wonderful celebration. Classes were invited to watch the live dance performances and walk around the gallery of student projects. Overall, it was a great experience for all. We look forward to next year and expanding this new annual tradition at Countrywood!

Photo Gallery

Countrywood’s Dual Language classes K-2 were asked to create posters with information about a Spanish-speaking country.

Students were fascinated by the displays made by their peers.

This Countrywood student wore a beautiful traditional dress from El Salvador.

Thank you to Walt Whitman High School’s Latino Heritage Club for bringing authentic music and dance to this wonderful celebration!



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