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Michael S. Curtin

Citizenship Award Recipients Recognized

Sergeant Michael S. Curtin was appointed to the NYPD in January 1988 after serving 12 years in active duty in the United States Marine Corps. He was originally as­signed to the Emergency Services unit in 1991 but saw his police career interrupted when he was called to duty during Operation Desert Storm. Serving on the front lines, he held the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and retired from the Reserves as a Sergeant Major. After returning to the NYPD, he responded to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and was assigned to the Oklahoma City rescue efforts.

Michael Curtin was promoted to Sergeant in 1995 and subsequently served as a security guard at Walt Whitman High School. On September 11, 2001, he was called into action and tragically perished during World Trade Center rescue efforts. The students recognized for this award are nominated by their teachers in his honor for demonstrating exemplary citizenship. Rather than emphasizing academics or athletics, these awards focus on character and compassion. They are about how students live their daily lives and how much they do for others without asking for anything in return. They are about what makes Whitman such a special place, and what makes South Huntington such a special community.

Congratulations to Walt Whitman’s Class of 2022 recipients:

Rafel Azhar, Donald Basedow, Juliet Berger, Benjamin Bianco, Seth Blaise, Briant Cantaderio Martinez, Zyriah Cardwell, Brian Dammer, Christopher Davis, Diego De Leon, Martha De Los Santos, Gianna Dennis, Joseph DeRobertis, Allen Evans, Thomas Fazio, Brooke Feinman, Jennifer Garcia, Alexandra Garden, Joseph Gervasio, Kelly Granados, Kyle Haritonides, Michael Harrison, Serena Heddell, Dominik Hudak, Joseph lazzetta, Jasmin Iraheta Bautista, TaTianna Lane, Daniel McGowan, Matthew Mejia, Kevin Meza Aparicio, Luis Meza Garcia, Wendy Morales Cruz, Meghan Murray, Christopher Negron, Grady O'Loughlin, Jensen Offerman Sylvestre, Domenick Pastore, Dawny Pineda Lopez, Kadence Pipota, Esha Rehman, Rachel Reyes, Tyler Ritchie, Anthony Rossero, Manuel Sagastizado, Marie Saint Charles, Kira Steffen, Jamie Suazo, Rasahn Thompson, Joseph Tonna, Faith Tyburski, Kayli Villalta, and Alexandra Wheeler.

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