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Spotlight on Birchwood's

Teacher of the Year

Birchwood's Teacher of the Year, Beth Springston

We are thrilled to announce Birchwood Intermediate School's Teacher of the Year, Ms. Beth Springston! Ms. Springston has been teaching in South Huntington since 1990, and in that time she has been an Integrated Co-Teacher, Math Lab Teacher, and an organizer and instructor in the Non-Graded Program. Ms. Springston is a true professional who has committed herself to making a difference in the lives of her students.

Ms. Springston is a dedicated professional who is genuinely concerned about the personal growth and intellectual development of her students. She is always up for new experiences, anything that challenges her mind and opens those of her students; the Non-Graded Program, Project Excel, Math Lab, Team Teaching, The SCOPE Program, and the Jason Project to name a few. She loves to open up new worlds of learning for herself and her students. 

Ms. Springston works collaboratively with all her colleagues at Birchwood and this willingness to collaborate makes her the ideal candidate for team teaching. She works well with all the staff members who work with her students. Ms. Springston is always sharing information and materials with her colleagues. She will research new materials that support her students and the grade-level curriculum and then share that with any staff member who wants it. As the Grade Level Coach in fifth grade, she has been a positive liaison between the staff and the administration. In this role, she responds to teachers' questions about curriculum, procedures and supports them in a way that makes their work easier. We are proud to call Ms. Springston Birchwood’s Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Springston's Birchwood colleagues join in celebrating their school's Teacher of the Year.



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