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BMX Stunts Thrill

with Bike Safety

Thank you to our middle school PTA for providing our students with an exciting show!

Thanks to our PTA, performers from the Dialed Action Sports Team recently made a special appearance to show off some of their impressive BMX skills while teaching students the importance of riding with the right gear. The BMX riders showed off their collection of tricks, thrilling all in attendance on that incredible morning. Students learned the names of each trick as they watched the riders fly from the ramps and flip mid air. The BMX performers explained how mastering these tricks takes immense amounts of hard work and dedication, and that having a hard working attitude helps to excel in other real life experiences. Students were excited to see the amazing tricks of the two performers, one of which is Stimson and WWHS alum Alex Quintanilla! We were thrilled to welcome Alex back as he brought his talents home to perform for our students. To end the show, the skilled bike riders showed off by landing a backflip over Stimson Principal Mr. Smith and Assistant Principal Mr. Sansotta. Everyone was in awe! Thank you to our PTA for organizing this special assembly and to the Dialed Action Sports Team for sharing your bike and life skills with our students!

The Dialed Action Sports Team shared that to master any skill, one must be determined and willing to put in the time, effort, and have the right protective gear.

BMX rider and Stimson alum Alex Quintanilla stunted over three middle school teachers to impress the crowd of students.

Thank you for another amazing show!

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