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Black History Month in South Huntington:

Educate, Create, and Inspire

Board President Mr. Ciappetta with the Banner he donated.

During the month of February, it is South Huntington’s goal to immerse the students in Black History - what it meant back then and what it means now. While South Huntington prides itself in its diverse curriculum all-year-round, they use this month to delve deeper into the powerful history and study famous Black Americans who devoted their lives to making a change.

From the primary centers to Walt Whitman, Black History Month is celebrated across the entire district. Every school participates and contributes to spreading knowledge and awareness to the youth of the community. For instance, Oakwood and Countrywood students create artwork to hang throughout the schools. Integrated with teacher read-alouds and discussions, students as young as 5-years old are introduced to Black history. In addition to artwork and read-alouds, all seven schools participated in the creation of a district-wide video. In this video, students shared poems they wrote that expressed their understanding of Black history and their feelings toward the individuals who risked their lives to spark a change in our society.

The sixth-graders at Silas Wood were especially inspired during Black History Month this year. Three students were chosen as finalists in NYCFC’s Poetry Contest for their influential pieces. These finalists had the opportunity to read their entries at NYCFC’s virtual event, and our own Abigail Kaloo won the contest! South Huntington is beyond proud of all three students for their tremendous efforts and powerful poems. These students exemplify South Huntington’s goal for its students during Black History Month: educate, create, and inspire.

South Huntington is also excited to introduce a new piece of artwork to the district. Board President, Mr. Nicholas Ciappetta, donated a banner to bring additional awareness to the students of South Huntington during Black History Month. The banner includes pictures of famous Black Americans and critical moments in Black history. The banner instills the message that Black history should always be celebrated, and not just celebrated one month of the year. Every year, this banner will hang proudly in Walt Whitman to remind students of this deep history and encourage them to continue to educate themselves and spread awareness to others. Thank you, Mr. Ciappetta, for this generous and thought-provoking donation.

The mission of South Huntington is to empower students to ultimately become contributing members of society. To help accomplish this mission, South Huntington strives to educate its students on the adversities and victories of inspirational Black Americans throughout history. As philosopher George Santayana stated, “'Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The South Huntington staff is certainly trying to ensure that their students learn history in hopes that they will one day make history.



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