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Forty-Five South Huntington students have been chosen for the 2021 Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association (SCMEA) All-County Festivals. While there was hope that students would be able to participate in the annual music opportunity, the upsurge in Coronavirus cases dampened the ability to conduct the traditional All-County festival. Nevertheless, the NYSCAME/Suffolk and SCMEA organizations would like to honor these students with an alternative performance experience in order to recognize and celebrate the talents and hard work of these individuals.

Congratulations, the following students have been selected to represent South Huntington in the annual SCMEA All-County Music Festival:

Henry L Stimson Middle School

Abrianna MandarinoBandFrench HornIIWest
William LangBandBb ClarinetIIWest
Lauren DinstellBandBaritone/EuphIWest
Ava TulipanoChorusAltoIIWest
Analia CimadevillaOrchestraViolaIWest
Katelyn AdamsBandTrumpet/CornetIIWest
Bronsyn ChiechiBandBb ClarinetIIWest
Diana FogelChorusChildrens VoiceIWest
Aryaa ShahBandFrench HornIWest
Samantha DinstellOrchestraCelloIWest
Katherine NodellOrchestraViolinIIWest
Reilly Mc KinleyBandBass ClarinetIIWest
Luke VaughanBandVaritone/EuphIIWest
Shay LublinChorusChildrens VoiceIWest
Jake AppBandBb ClarinetIWest
Gracie DeMarinisOrchestraDouble BassIIWest
Aiden DearbornBandPercussionIIWest
Koji FloresBandBb ClarinetIIWest
Alyssa VozzaBandFluteIWest
Ana Pichardo ChaconOrchestraViolaI West

Silas Wood 6th Grade Center

Kenji FloresBandBb ClarinetIWest
Sydney HenkelOrchestraDouble BassIWest
Eren MoOrchestraViolaIWest
Andie DevinneyBandBb ClarinetIWest
Ryan TabibzadaOrchestraCelloIWest
Ella BrennerBandAlto SaxIWest
Emily ButterfieldOrchestraViolaIWest

Walt Whitman High School

Gianna VozzaBandFluteIIIWest
Kristell SobalvarroBandFrench HornIIIWest
Edward PenaChorusTenorIIIWest
Harper GarveyBandFluteIIWest
John AndreoniBandPercussionIIIWest
Kristy ChillemiBandBb ClarinetIIIWest
Raymond NazarioChorusBassIIIWest
Marc MalafronteOrchestraCelloIIIWest
Angelina LiclicanBandBb ClarinetIIWest
Esteban MaraboliBandBb ClarinetIIWest
Porter ChettyChorusBaritoneIIWest
Joseph CenzopranoChorusBassIIIWest
Anthony CoiroBandPercussionIIWest
Natalie BausanoBandBb ClarinetIIIWest
Jay DancyBandBass ClarinetIIIWest
Deanna ValentinChorusAltoIIWest
Quinlan SellarsChorusBassIIIWest
Shaun MurphyBandTrumpet/CornetIIWest

Congratulations, the following students have been selected to represent South Huntington in the annual NYSCAME/Suffolk All-County Music Festival:

Walt Whitman High School

Angela ShedlowBandFluteIV
Kaitlyn AllenChorusAlto 2IV
Ben (Bina) JosephBandTenor SaxIV
Annabelle MuellersChorusAlto 2IV
Haylee CasertaChorusSoprano 1IV
Valeria BruzualOrchestraViolinIV
Rena ShapiroChorusSoprano 2IV
Abby DinstellBandBb ClarinetIV



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