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Recipients of the Scholar Award share a moment with their families next to the SAT/ACT Scholars plaque, inscribed with their names and displayed to commemorate their academic excellence and dedication to education.

Congratulations to our Walt Whitman High School seniors who were recognized at the ACT/SAT Scholar Ceremony & Breakfast just before Spring Break. Fifty-six students were honored, alongside their proud families, at the early morning celebrations.

Students and their families safely enjoyed a morning of well-earned recognition, and a delicious breakfast provided by South Huntington School Nutrition Services. Coming together to celebrate these students in person with the addition of their families brought great meaning to the celebratory mornings. “We get so accustomed to doing these things virtually and it’s important that we honor the efforts and the accolades of these students here in person because it means so much, not only to the parents but for us as a school community,” shared the very proud high school Principal, Mr. John Murphy. “It’s nothing short of amazing. No other graduating class has ever had to go through what these individuals had to have gone through over the last 14 months. It shows the kind of quality these students have and it is that quality that gives me great confidence that their futures are bright.”

The dedication and academic excellence of these students, especially during such trying times, deserves special recognition and celebration. “Many of you and your families may have suffered tremendously over the last year but for some reason, something in your life has made you still be here and made all of us fortunate enough to enjoy this moment,” shared Walt Whitman High School Assistant Principal, Jon Varlamos, before calling up each student to receive their certificates. In addition to receiving their certificates, each student will have their names inscribed in the SAT/ACT Scholars plaque to be displayed and commemorate their commitment to education for years to come.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Dave Bennardo was in attendance, along with Board of Education Vice President Mrs. Laura Carey, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Joseph Centamore, Assistant Superintendent of Business & District Operations Dr. Vito D’Elia, and Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Mrs. April Poprilo. Our central administrators gladly joined in honoring these students for their academic achievements and their above and beyond character that makes them each true assets to our schools and community.

“The reality is that this is special,” Dr. Bennardo shared with the honorees and their families. “Excellence is awesome and you are all just that: excellent.” A huge thank you goes to the parents and families for giving love and guidance to support these incredible students. Congratulations to Walt Whitman High School’s ACT/SAT Scholars:

Anastasia Akapnitis, Zaen Asghar, Thomas Baranowski, Bina Batyosef, Noah Biton, Katie Block, Grace Buckshaw, Pamela Carey, Mia Coll, Sophia Del Priore, Matthew Desmond, Abby Dinstell, Daniel Donovan, Cal Eidinoff, Salmaan Ejaz, Aidan Garemani, Devin Gaynor, Tyler Grosso, Piper Huntington, Elisa Hustedt, Aaron Jurrist, Anna Keller, Matthew Kerner, Ryan Kiesnoski, Sebastian Koch, Rebecca Kurjanski, Richard Kurjanski, Jeremy Lanz, Ellena Lunt, Dalton Marzigliano, Chloe Murphy, Margaret Neiland, Juliana Nguyen, Jack O'Loughlin, Chelsea Perry, Julia Posillico, Zack Reichhold, Wendell Saint Jean, Kristen Salas, Anastasia Samba, Daniela Santoiemma, Benjamin Schlansky, Caroline Schrama, Christopher Scortichini, Aarav Shah, Rena Shapiro, Paul Smitelli, Amanda Smuss, Colin Sorce, Jesse Strenger-Skolnik, Adam Tabibzada, Jasmine Thai, Stephan Tsolis, Jacob Veeder, Julianna Villena, and Riley Wagner.

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