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5th Grade Track and Field

Athletes Meet at Whitman

Congratulations to our 5th-grade students from Birchwood and Maplewood for competing in our annual Track and Field meet held at Walt Whitman High School. Coupled with sunny but brisk spring weather, student athletes from both Birchwood and Maplewood participated in this annual event that features sprints, 4x100 relay races, accuracy and distance throws, and standing and running long jumps.

The energy and efforts of our upcoming athletes really allowed for a memorable event, showcasing such a wonderful display of sportsmanship! Both schools had their scheduled day to meet on the Whitman track for fun-filled mornings of friendly competition where students got to experience a variety of athletic events, while making memories along the way.

A very special thank you to our Physical Education teachers from Maplewood, Mr. Slovak, Ms. Ventura-Diaz, and Ms. Rosamilia, and from Birchwood, Mr. Rufrano, Mrs. Caracciola, and Ms. Tricarico, for preparing the students and coordinating this special event. Additional thank you to our Physical Education staff from Oakwood and Countrywood, and to our high school track athletes who spent the day working with our 5th-grade students. We look forward to our next event, the minithon, on May 23, 2022, at Memorial!

Maplewood Photo Gallery

Birchwood Photo Galery

Ready... set... GO!

Birchwood students stayed right on target in the accuracy throw.

Maplewood athletes took turns testing their strength in the distance throwing event.

Running and standing long jumps were recorded to see how far our students could go.

Students had so much fun cheering on their classmates from the stands!



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