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2022 National French Contest

Results Announced

Level 2 winners

Walt Whitman's French students did an outstanding job representing our school at the National French Contest 2022!

Level 2

Students competed against 9,787 participants nationwide and the results are:

Certificat de Mérite: Olivia Knudsen

Certificat d’Honneur: Anne Marie Lindor and Josseline Bautista Barahona

Silver: Madeleine Bas

Platinum: Angelee Cordova Palma

This is the best of the best who usually receive this plaque. Usually, you need to be exposed to the language at home in order to achieve a perfect score and receive the platinum award. This year, one of Whitman's students received such a Platinum Plaque in Level 2. Her achievement is worthy of praise since she is neither a native speaker nor is she exposed to the language outside of the classroom. Such an extraordinary achievement!

Level 3

Students competed against 8,473 participants nationwide and the results are:

Certificat de Mérite: Abigail Brosnan, Eliana Kazin, and Harper Garvey

Certificat d’Honneur: Olivia Beck, Kelly Breaton, Elana Denis, Ismael Laraki, Kaitlyn Mondry, Kate O Phelan, and Kayley Vera

Bronze: Sophia Hassman, Eliana Montague, Lillian O Phelan, Janiana Thai, and Ava Tsolis

Silver: Porter Chetty

Level 4

Students competed against 5,900 participants and the results are:

Certificat de Mérite: Mary Balogun, Kaiet Coraizaca, Magaly Garay, Joshua François, and Jamall Marseille

Certificat d’Honneur: Cassandra Dinulescu, Isabella Dinulescu, and Adelrhany Georges                    

Level 5

Students competed against 2,449 participants and the results are:

Certificat de Mérite: Grace Knakal

Certificat d’Honneur: Lorely Hassman and Salma Laraki                      

Félicitations à nos lauréats du Grand Concours 2022!

Congratulations to ninth-grader Angelee Cordova Palma who competed against 9,787 participants nationwide and got the highest score in the Nation.

Level 2 French Contest participants with French Teacher, Dr. Eikenaar (left), and WWHS Principal, Mr. Ken Costa (right).

Level 3 students competed against 8,473 participants nationwide.

Mr. Costa (left) and Dr. Eikenaar (right) present Level 4 French Contest participants from Whitman.



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