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2021 Inductees

We are proud to induct alumni Davidson Petit-Frère, Peter Garrido, and Jimmy Haslip into South Huntington's Hall of Fame.

Jimmy Haslip

Musician/ Producer/ Composer

A 1970 Walt Whitman graduate, Jimmy Haslip was born December 31st, 1951 in the Bronx, New York. At the age of 13, he became interested in electric bass and has now been playing for 57+ years. He received his training from some of the biggest names in music at that time, Jaco Pastorius and eventually toured with Allan Holdsworth.   The uniqueness was not so much that he played the bass left-handed.  In fact you may know another famous bassist from that era….Paul McCartney.  It was more that Jimmy played a left-handed bass upside down.  In other words, his low B string is physically lower than his high C.

Jimmy left New York in 1969 playing music in San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver, and Dallas before moving on to Los Angeles in late 1975, where he began touring and recording with many different popular artists around the world.

In 1978 he met guitarist Robben Ford and keyboardist Russell Ferrante and formed a group to record Robben's first solo recording on Electra-Asylum. This critically acclaimed album, called "The Inside Story" became a landmark recording. That album led to the formation of The Yellowjackets and in 1980 they recorded a debut album for Warners Bros. Records.

There was always the desire to produce an album celebrating his Latin roots and in honor of his father it finally came to fruition with the critically acclaimed, Red Heat.  In Jimmy’s words,

“So I made the decision to focus Red Heat on anything I could bring to the party that concerned Latin music and culture. It was my own take on it. It was a wonderful experience to work on that album, and to have my father be the focus of the emotion that I put into it.

Jimmy  has toured and recorded with over 180 artists and bands in the last 52 years, has three Grammy wins amongst 22 nominations and countless awards earned during his impressive career. Jimmy continues to push the frontiers of bass guitar with album reissues, sessions, masterclasses, and a playing style like no other.  Even if it is upside down.

Excerpts taken from the Jimmy Haslip website and

Peter Garrido

Detective/ First Responder

A 1994 graduate, Peter made it his goal to serve the community by joining the New York City Police Department.  As he rose through the ranks, Peter dealt with the pain of 9/11 and the internal suffering felt by his brothers and sisters in blue until one fateful night in 2003.

While working in plain clothes, he and his partner received a robbery call.  His experiences prepared him for calls like these and he had been accustomed to various scenarios and armed with a description of the perpetrator they headed to the area of the alleged crime.

Upon their arrival, a man fitting that description was stopped and questioned.  The man said he was heading home and had just finished a job locally.  After some time Peter and his partner released the man and continued their investigation.  Approximately 20 minutes later, that same man was seen walking in a different direction following an older gentleman.

As the two officers approached and confronted the man, who was now a suspect based on his actions, he became extremely aggressive to the point where a struggle ensued.  The suspect reached for a gun hidden in his waistband and as he pulled it out, Peter reached for the arm.  They continued to struggle when suddenly two shots were fired and Peter was hit point blank in the chest and foot.

Peter survived the shooting and was awarded the Combat Cross, ultimately retiring as a detective.  After leaving the NYPD, he worked for the Town of Huntington’s Public Safety Division until his NYPD retirement date forced him to leave that job and secure a position with private security within corporations and surrounding school districts.

Peter works with the community through the Cub Scouts and has consistently provided mentoring to young people on the importance of citizenship and giving of oneself back to your neighbors. He has been coaching in various organizations and sports where his primary focus is for the kids to learn to play safely while also teaching and encouraging them to be good leaders and work as a team.

Peter and his wife Hollie still reside in Huntington Station as valued members of our district.

Davidson Petit-Frère

Fashion Designer/ Influencer

We all know who Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, Alex Rodriguez, and “Puff Daddy” are.  Now do you know who is responsible for making them look good on the Red Carpet?

None other than 2007 graduate Davidson Petit-Frère.

Named by Forbes magazine as one of the top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs in 2018, Davidson used his expertise in social media to become one of the great internet influencer success stories.  All this after deciding that college life was not for him.

Always having an engaging smile and overreaching personality, Davidson was a popular student-athlete while at Whitman.  Standing 6’4”, Davidson was a member of Coach Tom Fitzpatrick’s championship basketball teams as a go-to off the bench player.  In the classroom Davidson was an above average student who was well liked by teachers and administration.

Upon graduation, he made a difficult not enter college and instead pursue a career in high end real estate sales.  It was the perfect fit for someone like him who was not only likeable, but engaging.  His power of persuasion earned him success as an agent, but it was not enough to just sell houses.

While in high school, Davidson was always the best dressed for school and when the team went on the road, he looked more like a coach than a player.  His love for clothes and fashion inspired him to use Instagram to promote a few simple items he had designed.  He started with ties and before too long gained more than 270,000 followers.  Soon it was suits and that’s where the celebrities took notice.

Davidson started his own clothing line, P.Frère, then teamed with his business partner to start the full fashion company Musika Frère. Since then he has added a men's shoe line, Lavati.  His productions have appeared in The New York Times, Essence, and walked the runways at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Davidson resides in California while maintaining contact with his New York roots.

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