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2020 World Language

Honor Society Induction

After being called to the stage, new inductees signed their names in the World Language Honor Society registry.

While we are always tremendously proud of our students’ success in co-curricular endeavors, it is the commitment of balance and well-rounded accomplishments that truly make our young people unique. With that in mind, we were thrilled to see new members of our distinguished student body inducted into the prestigious World Language Honor Society. “You all should be very proud of this accomplishment,” advisor Aileen D’Addario shared proudly, “In a year that is surrounded by such uncertainty, it is refreshing that some things stay constant and remain the same, and that’s the hard work and determination of this particular group of students.” The 2020 induction ceremony looked different from years past, but the tradition of recognizing these dedicated individuals remains bright. The evening included performances by violinist Jack O’Loughlin and Anthony Maraboli on the keyboard: a wonderful way to welcome our new inductees into this distinguished group. Our parents and teachers should be very proud to have students who exercise efficiency in time management and juxtaposing the demands of high school life while maintaining a high academic average.

World Language Honor Society Officers:

Aileen D'Addario - Advisor

Julia Possilico― President

Abby Dinstell ― Co-Vice President

Daniella Sotello Guardado ― Co-Vice President

Magaly Garay ― Co-Treasurer

Julianna Villella ― Co-Treasurer

Keira Conlon ― Co-Secretary

Owen Connolly ― Co-Secretary

Sindy Garcia ― Publicity Director

Spanish Honor Society Inductees

Daralyn Alicea, Judith Aramburu, Zaen Asghar, Zainab Asif, Layla Assassa, Jordan Badalamenti, Thomas Bass, Maya Biblow, Natalie Biryla, Marisa Bobal, Alex Bogdani, Kate Buckshaw, Nicholas Campanelli, Sofia Caporusso, Ethan Chandre, Mahhek Chaudhry, Shelly Chen, Jack Chinsky, Talya Churchman, Cayla Cole, Brooke Connor, Michael Coppola, Jenna Crocco, Liam Curtin, Sydney Cusack, Benjamin D'Agostino Noelle Decker, William Denis, Adriana DePrisco, Alexa Dikeakos, Kathryn Donovan, Michael Emanuele, Shelene Farquharson, Justin Feinman, Gabriella Finochio, Samantha Francois, Morgan Fulcher, Sophia Fyfe, Abby Grant, Michaela Grosso, Isabella Guevara, Tatiana Guevara, Noria Halimi, Noah Halle, Declan Hill, Ryan Hill, Sarah Jacoutot, Ashna Jambavat, Jack Jenkins, Jason Kaiser, Luke Kannavos, Hirra Khan, Eman Khursand, Amelia Kongevold, Emma Kowalczyk, Mason Lockhart, Anthony Maida, Esteban Maraboli, Scott Martin, Olivia Martinez, Alana Marzigliano, Lorianna Mattutat, Kasey Mc Ardle, Kate McAulev, Jocelyn McCready, Carly McEntee, Secia Moreno, Colin Murphy, Angelena Nguyen, Andrew Noonan, Charlotte O'Hara, Anthony Orgera, Jason Parada, Delaney Parlante, Isabella Parlante, Angela Pepe, Suzanne Philip, Michael Phillips, Alexa Rapacciuolo, Samantha Regalado, Cameron Repetti, Edwin Rivas, Emily Rollman, Max Rosen, Caroline Schrama, Elizabeth Schreiber, Melanie Smuss, Mia Stampfel, Faith Stone, Amanda Trifon, Samantha Unger, Luisa Valencia Castaneda, Jennifer Viloria, Kasey Wagner, Morgan Wobig, Nicole Yerys, and Marcus Zagorski.

French Honor Society Inductees

Alexa Beaubrun, Ricky Bernabe Cruz, Angelina Blankson, Jadelyn Cho, Cassandra Dinulescu, Isabella Dinulescu, Vladimir Gaberman, Magaly Garay, Adelrhany Georges, Fiona Hamilton, Salma Laraki, Ariel Neirs, Bianca Russell, and Hannah Saks.

Italian Honor Society Inductees

Sergio Acajabon, Joshua Alms, Christopher Bonilla Funez, Mia Brunetti, Herson Cisneros Campos, Paige Elar, Alexandra Fink, Natale Fontanetta, Angelina Fuller, Joseph Grasso, Simran Hans, Ryan Hansen, Jordan Henkel, Dahyana Herrera Salazar, Stephanie Lopez Galdamez, Ryan Luebker, Marc Malafronte, Victoria Pascrell, Shaelyn Scharpf, Annabella Sciberras, Emily Teplansky, John Villella, and Gianna Vozza.

After being called to the stage, new inductees took turns signing their names in the World Language Honor Society registry.

Senior Jack O’Loughlin played a beautiful piece on the violin for our French and Italian inductees and their guests.

Freshman Anthony Maraboli played 'Despisito' on the keyboard for the Spanish Honor Society portion of the evening ceremonies.

The newly inducted members recited the Honor Society’s oath in their learned language.



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