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2020 STEM Prep

Summer Institute

Brookhaven National Lab STEM Prep Program 2020

Congratulations to uprising sophomores Samantha Regalado, Kaiet Coraizaca, and Angelina Blankson on participating and successfully completing the 2020 STEM Prep Summer Institute! This year the exciting lab-based workshop was delivered as twenty remote sessions presented over ten consecutive workdays this summer from July 6th to July 17th 2020. Participants learned the basics of programming using the Python language running on Ubuntu Linux to implement many of the same algorithms and analysis techniques used by active research scientists at the Brookhaven National Lab.

Each day of distance learning consisted of a two-hour morning session and a two-hour afternoon session. “One of the highlights of this program were the physical activities that were sent to us,” described sophomore Angelina Blankson who found the program to be insightful and rewarding. Students were mailed materials to work on experiments from home to comply with the program’s social distancing guidelines. “I love trying new things and challenging myself,” included uprising sophomore Kaiet Coraizaca. “I learned that there is a lot that goes behind even the simplest things that we often don’t think about.” While the format of this year’s STEM Prep Summer Institute was different from the year's past, our students were able to gain knowledge and confidence from this new experience. “While working with Brookhaven National Lab, I learned about topics I thought I would not be seeing until I was much older,” shared Samantha Regalado. “The STEM Prep Program has given me a more profound appreciation for STEM and makes me excited for a STEM career in the future.”

Samantha, Kaiet, and Angelina successfully completed this workshop and were awarded a BNL certificate attesting to their newly acquired skills in scientific computing at their virtual closing ceremonies. These students, showing interest in career fields from forensic science and medicine, to aviation and veterinary sciences, gained programming skills that are crucially needed in all domains of science. Students who are comfortable with Python and Linus often compete favorably for internships at world-class research organizations and we are confident that the knowledge our students gained will set them on a path to excel in their future fields of study. Congratulations to these outstanding students!

Above: Walt Whitman High School Sophomores Samantha Regalado and Kaiet Coraizaca worked as a team with other students on their topic of Equilibrium Simulation using mass equations.

Above: Angelina Blankson (right) found it fun and rewarding to meet and collaborate with students from other high schools virtually.



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