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Athletes of the Month for May

Walt Whitman Principal Mr. John Murphy congratulates his May Athletes of the Month, Jack Poplawski and Gianna Paul.  thumbnail120581
Walt Whitman Principal Mr. John Murphy congratulates his May Athletes of the Month, Jack Poplawski and Gianna Paul.

Congratulations to May’s Athlete of the Month Jack Poplawski! He has again, for the second year in a row, won the NY State Championship in the Pentathlon. Last year Jack became a County Champion and State Champion, and in addition, has also become a Federation Champion, which is in all schools both Catholic and Public Schools from different divisions competing against one another. Jack’s passion and love for the sport grew over the years. “I started running Track in eighth grade to stay in shape for other sports like Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball, then I started winning and started falling in love with the training that came with Track. I enjoyed the people that I was training and running with, and especially competing with those people was great.” When asked what motivates him to keep pushing himself, Jack responded with “just trying to beat my own personal bests and improve each day and when I’m racing the competitive spirit really comes out.” On his free time he likes to read, play video games, and hang out with his friends. Also, he is a member of the Philosophy Club, the Coding Club, and the Robotics Club. He is now a senior and is going to study Economics and Computer Science at the University of Chicago.

Congratulations to May’s Athlete of the Month Gianna Paul! The County Champion, State Champion, and Federation 400 Meter Champion has once again qualified for the second time to compete in the National Championship. Gianna’s passion for track came in the 7th grade. “It was more just my parents wanting me to do it and then I was actually really good at it so I got pulled up to the high school in the eighth grade and then I just kept doing it from there.” Along with Track, she also plays full-time soccer for a club team called Long Island Soccer Club and they are traveling to California next week for the playoffs. Gianna’s love for sports comes from her competitive drive. “I hate losing so if I am chasing someone, it motivates me to beat them especially if it’s in a big race.” Gianna is a freshman now and we look forward to watching her break more records.

They both competed this past weekend in the 2019 New Balance National Championship in North Carolina. News about the National results will be coming soon.