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Let’s Strike Bullying Out of the Park

Left to right Ms. Erica Cryer, Danielle Henneborn, Jessica Joy and Principal Murphy. thumbnail95271
Left to right Ms. Erica Cryer, Danielle Henneborn, Jessica Joy and Principal Murphy.

Great News!!!  Danielle Henneborn and Jessica Joy were just awarded the Grand Prize for their 60 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) video promoting an end to bullying and a positive school climate for the 3rd Annual Strike Out Bullying Contest!

As part of their award, Danielle and Jessica will be heading to Citi Field for the Mets vs. Marlins game on Wednesday, May 23rd!  A small group of deserving, upstanding Whitman students who promote kindness, respect for all, and inclusion along with Whitman Art teacher Ms. Erica Cryer and another chaperone to be guests of the Mets at Citi Field for batting practice, a pre-game ceremony on the field and tickets to the game!

From Danielle Henneborn and Jessica Joy: ‘“Let’s Strike Bullying Out of the Park” is a PSA created by a team of Walt Whitman High School students about the effects of bullying and what can be done about it. This video will positively affect our school climate by raising awareness of bullying through creativity and humor. If the video is one of the winners it will be posted on the district website and throughout the school for all to see. We involved faculty and administration by updating them with our ideas throughout the creative process.  They gave us constructive feedback in order to better our video, making sure our ideas and message was clear, powerful and succinct. This process was a fun and rewarding experience for our team. It brought us closer as friends as we aim to strengthen our school community and build and safe and positive learning environment.”

To view the winning PSA video use the following link: