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Senior Blood Drive Packs South Gym

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Rain, snow, and sleet couldn’t keep Whitman from setting records with blood donations on Friday!  Thanks to an amazing team of Senior Class officers, Blood Drive Captains, and donors, we collected 148 pints of blood in 6 hours or 24 pints an hour!  The New York Blood Center and everyone at Whitman worked at full capacity the entire day.  Students who donated - you should be very proud.  Due to the bad weather lately, the blood center reserves were very low and they were very grateful for your generous donation.  Thank you to everyone who worked to make this day a success!

Thank you to our hard-working senior captains: Johnique Aiken, Jack Anest, Lindsay Bayley, Jessica Booher, Niki Brigante, Thomas Brostowin, Kristy Campana, Kayla Campana, Saskia Dormeus, Fazli Halimi, Timothy Jobson, Hailey Khatchatourian, Britany Khatchatourian, Katie Latko, Jose Lopez, Brenda Mendez, Kiki O'Rourke, Daniela Pasquarello, Liliana Pelliccia, Elizabeth Plaisir, Cindy Richards, Maureen Rossero, Alexandra Sherry, Tania Sood, and Jamelin Ullola-Torres.