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Bright Light Award Recipient Mrs. Irizarry

Congratulations, Mrs. Irizarry! thumbnail164483
Congratulations, Mrs. Irizarry!
Barbara Hall (left) and Janine D’Elia (right) congratulate Cheryl Irazarry at the ASSET Awards Luncheon.  thumbnail164484
Barbara Hall (left) and Janine D’Elia (right) congratulate Cheryl Irazarry at the ASSET Awards Luncheon.

The Annual ASSET Awards Luncheon was held on Thursday, January 9th, and Technology Integration Coach/College and Career Coach, Mrs. Cheryl Irizarry was recognized with the "Bright Light Award" as an outstanding educator who uses technology inside and outside the classroom. Mrs. Irizarry is an innovative educator that effectively uses instructional technology to enhance lessons and engage all students and teachers in meaningful learning.  As a technology integration coach, she works with students to enhance their learning beyond the classroom walls. Some examples include:

*Art Class Using 3Doodlers -This project related to surrealism where students created something for Halloween. Their creations were put together to create a work of surrealist art in Art class using Virtual Reality. Using the VIVE to create art all around them as their peers looked on, they critiqued the work and helped add pieces to the virtual art Buncee Training.  
*Mystery Skype - A 9th grade Spanish class did a Mystery Skype with a Spanish class at Wyandanch High School. Students asked yes or no questions in Spanish to figure out where we were both located.

As a technology integration coach she also trains, encourages, and supports teachers across of district to try technological advances. Here are some tools/models she has passionately integrated: 
*Buncee- helps teachers plan lessons
*Google Classroom- helps students stay on top of what their class assignments are and also facilitates a digital discussion
*Google Sites- communication tools for parents, teachers and students
*Flipped Classroom/Blended Learning Model- Flipping the classroom allows for students to learn at their own pace with videos and other resources, while freeing up class time for other important learning experiences. 

As a College and Career Coach she tirelessly plans and executes various learning experience for her students: 
*Mock Interview Day- Students meet with professionals in their career field of interest and practice their interview skills. Students fill out a survey in Google Forms to inform their teacher of who they would like to meet and what they expect from this experience. They check their appointment date and time and check in with Google Sheets
*SPARK Challenge

The Suffolk ASSET organization is a group dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning in Suffolk County school districts through the use of computers and other educational technologies by encouraging the integration of technology into the K-12 curriculum and ensuring that our students are provided with the educational opportunities necessary to prepare them for the 21st Century. 

We congratulate Mrs. Irizarry on her ASSET Bright Light award!