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A Community Effort to Enhance the Quality of Education 
in the  South Huntington 
School District

The South Huntington Educational Foundation (SHEF) is an independent, non-profit foundation, committed to enriching and supplementing programs for the South Huntington School District.  SHEF accomplishes this by holding fundraising events throughout the year. Our family fun day, golf outing, and night at OHEKA are just a few of the events that help to provide funding for projects that would not be financed by the district’s budget.

Contributions made to the SHEF Foundation are tax deductible to the maximum amount allowed by Federal law.

SHEF focuses its support on:

  1. Facilitating student development
  2. Encouraging excellence through creative learning
  3. Supporting outstanding achievement by teachers and support staff
  4. Promoting partnerships between the school district and the community.

Projects Made Possible by SHEF:

•Purchased NAO Robots that provide students with cutting-edge introduction to STEM and computer programming.

•Purchased the Wii Projector for Oakwood Primary Center.

•The purchase of several iPad carts, for Maplewood and Birchwood Elementary Schools.

•Starlab an inflatable planetarium used regularly in all school buildings.

•Walt Whitman High School’s weather station.

•Video Projection System for the Walt Whitman High School’s Performing Arts Center, providing the capability for video conferencing, distance learning and multi-media presentations.

•Construction of a Professional Quality Dance Studio in Walt Whitman High School.

•Development of a Marine Eco-System in Walt Whitman High School to expand scientific investigation.

•Purchase of SMARTBoards – interactive computer monitors. 

•Installation of Rock Climbing Walls at Maplewood and Birchwood to supplement the physical education program.


For additional information about SHEF and how you can help support the community effort to enhance the quality of education in South Huntington call us at 631-812-3078.

Looking Towards the Future

For the South Huntington School District, excellence in education is built on forward thinking by planning together for the future to best serve the students in the community.  The South Huntington Educational Foundation is committed to enriching and supplementing the excellent education offered by the school district.  The ongoing partnership between the school district and the community contributes to a district that continues to provide the highest standards of education for every child.

SHEF supports educational programs in several major areas:

Technology & Learning – to promote and maintain use of the most recent technologies in teaching and learning.

Scholastic Enrichment – to provide learning opportunities beyond the core curriculum.

Arts & Education – to enhance opportunities for students in the arts.

Professional Development – to allow staff to pursue professional training experiences that would not otherwise be provided through traditional resources.

Multi-Cultural Enrichment – to expose students to a wide variety of cross cultural experiences that will help prepare them for the increasingly global economy.

Why a Foundation?

All school districts face budgetary constraints arising from increased costs and other factors.  An independent foundation can partner with a school district to supplement financial resources for programs that would otherwise not be available for children.  With increased educational demands, these programs are more important than ever to insure the success of all children.  The community/school district partnership allows the district to move forward towards this goal.

A Brief History of SHEF

SHEF began by providing P.I.E. grants (Projects for Innovation & Enhancement) of $200-$500 for teachers and staff members to design, plan and implement creative learning projects.  These grants have been awarded to more than 80 staff members. 

As the Foundation continued to grow, it also provided larger grants for district-wide innovative educational programs.  Over the last 18 years, SHEF has donated more than $400,000 to fund projects and programs that reflect a school district of excellence.

The Trustees

The trustees of SHEF include local residents and members of the business community who volunteer their time to the Foundation.  They are committed to maintaining an active role in the community and are motivated to help enrich the educational experience of South Huntington’s children. They are united by one common interest:  to enhance the quality of education in the South Huntington School District.

Charles Ciravolo- President

Steve Bartholomew

Dr. Dave Bennardo

Dr. Jared Bloom

Sheila Buhse

Laura Carey

Nicholas Ciappetta, J.D.

Pat Dillon

Vicki Dollin

Jo Ann Fink

Laura McLean

James Metzak

Lawrence Weinstock