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This Spring ALL of our classes are completely FREE!

This Spring the Adult and Continuing Education Program is fully virtual and best of all comes at no cost to you! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our classes will meet online via either Zoom or Google Meets.

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How to Buy & Sell A Home 101 by Ronald Steiger of Realty Connect—
Tuesday, April 6, 2021 7-8PM

All areas of real estate pertaining to buying and selling a home, hiring and using a realtor to sell your home, finding your new home, and getting the right mortgage will be covered in this course.

Ronald D. Steiger known as The Real Estate Workhorse™ has been a lifelong Long Island resident and grew up in the town of Merrick. He has been a real estate professional for 5 years on Long Island. Ronald is also a financial advisor and has lectured to well over 100,000 people on financial services and products and How to Buy and Sell a Home.    Ron specializes in Syosset, Woodbury, Jericho, Huntington, Melville, Dix Hills, Commack, The North Shore’s Gold Coast, Muttontown, Oyster Bay, The Roslyn’s, Merrick, Bellmore and much of the South Shore. He is NYS Licensed, a member of the LI Board of Realtors and the National Associations of Realtors.

Eldercare Law and What You Must Know by Beth Polner Abrahams, Attorney at Law—
Tuesday April 13, 2021 7-9PM

2021 brings many legal changes to Medicaid, the power of attorney and medical decision-making laws. Learn the basics for elder care law including recent changes to Medicaid for home care assistance, planning for home care and nursing home care, financial power of attorney, and Medicare coverage for rehabilitation and therapies.

Beth Polner Abrahams is a 1981 graduate of Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, N.H. (now the University of New Hampshire School of Law), is actively involved in the Elder Law professional community and affiliated with various organizations, and has her own law firm.

Savvy IRA Planning for Baby Boomers by Evan Levy of NestEgg Advisors—
Monday, April 19, 2021 7PM

Baby Boomers are asking: which type of retirement account is right for me, can I still contribute and how much, what do I need to know about withdrawals – when, how much and how are they taxed, and what happens to my IRA when I die. In this workshop, you will learn important IRA rules for traditional and Roth IRA’s and Roth conversions; how direct and indirect rollovers work; and special considerations for spousal and inherited IRA’s. You will also learn three common IRA mistakes and how to avoid them; four strategies for smart IRA planning, recent rule changes based on the SECURE Act, and how to coordinate your IRA planning with your overall investment, retirement, and estate planning and with Social Security retirement benefits. All attendees will receive the “Baby Boomers Guide To IRA Planning” which summarizes key IRA provisions.

Savvy Social Security Planning for Baby Boomers, by Evan Levy of NestEgg Advisors—
Monday, April 26, 2021 7PM

After being told for years that Social Security is "going broke," baby boomers are realizing that it will soon be their turn to collect. But the decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime. This informative workshop not only covers the basics but also reveals little known strategies for maximizing your benefits. You will learn: the 5 factors to consider in deciding when to apply for benefits, when it makes sense to delay benefits, how to estimate your benefits, how to integrate benefits with other retirement income sources, and how to coordinate benefits with your spouse to maximize the total drawdown from Social Security. Each attendee will receive a free copy of “The Baby Boomer’s Guide To Social Security” which summarizes key retirement benefit provisions.

Understanding the Medicare Landscape by Gwen Busterna—
Tuesday April 20, 2021 7-8:30PM
Monday, May 17, 2021 7-8:30PM

Would you like to understand Medicare better? What are the differences between Original Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans (HMO, PPO, POS) and the Part D Prescription Drug Plans or PDP? What is the Donut hole? Will COVID-19 change how I access medical care? Find out! Misconceptions can sometimes lead to poor decision making in joining or switching a plan. Also, what is new for 2021? New plan choices are coming your way, along with broader options for those who receive Extra Help and/or Medicaid. Are you getting everything you are entitled to with your plan? Tips on helping to reduce prescription costs, save money on your healthcare and dental expenses and accessing more healthcare providers and facilities. Clear up the confusion at this inclusive seminar.

Gwen Busterna has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years and working with Medicare related information for the past 12 years. Gwen is licensed in NY and many other states. Annual AHIP certified by NY State to discuss Medicare Plan information. She has experience holding seminars on healthcare and Medicare related topics as well as health fairs and events.

From Locked Down to Opened Up: Life Skills to Manage Stress by Susan Petang—
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 7PM

2020 was a year of not only the pandemic, but demonstrations & social unrest, a contentious election, and a whirlwind of change that has left so many of us either coping badly, or unable to cope at all. Do you have the skills it takes to navigate not only during the pandemic, but in the aftermath? Watch this webinar to find out!

Dump the Junk: Leaving Work Stress at Work by Susan Petang—
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 7PM

Have you ever had “work brain” ruin your entire weekend? Maybe you come home and you just can’t shake concerns from the day or week. Or you wake up and feel foggy for hours because you’re distracted by a quarterly report. It’s time for you to take this class to understand why you’re grouchy and irritable when you’re home. You’ll learn what happens when you get stuck in “work mode”, why it's important to leave work stress at work, and tips to make it work!

The Real Way to Create What You Want in Life by Susan Petang—
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 7PM

We hear about it all the time - people trying to tell us how to 'manifest' the things we want in life. They want us to use our imaginations, create vision boards, and pretend we already have the things we want. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t work like that. Join me in this webinar to discover some real ways to create what you want in life!

Your Secret Weapon for Managing Stress: The Power Questions by Susan Petang—
Wednesday, May 12, 2021 7PM

You got up late this morning. The phone is ringing, the baby's crying, and the dog just made a mess on the rug. Your partner can't find their keys and you are going to be late for work if you don't get it together. What do you do to keep your head from exploding? Use The Power Questions - the secret weapon for managing stress. Join me in this webinar to learn these quick questions that will recenter you when it's all hitting the fan and you need to get focused.

Susan Petang is a Certified Life Coach who teaches adults the life skills they didn't learn from their parents - the essential tools to manage stress and frustration, deal with other people's drama, handle the nonsense in life, and wake up happy in the morning.

Keep The Income Flowing During Retirement by Jeffrey Silverman and Shane Parouse—
Tuesday, April 27, 2021 7PM

How to Create your "Retirement Paychecks" - Studies show that the biggest fear retirees have is running out of money before running out of life! Planning an effective retirement income strategy is more important than ever when facing a retirement that can span more than 25 years. This program will explore concepts that can help you to plan a retirement income strategy with the goal of maximizing income, minimizing taxes, and protecting your assets from the costs of long term care…all while having your money last through your lifetime and the lifetime of your spouse!  If you are retired or thinking about retirement, you will not want to miss this program.

The Truth About Annuities by Jeffrey Silverman and Shane Parouse—
Tuesday, May 4, 2021 7PM

You’ve heard good things. You’ve heard bad things. One financial pundit says they’re terrible, while the next one says they’re great!  Meanwhile, BILLIONS of dollars are invested in annuities every year. Are they worth it?  How do you decide if an annuity is right for you? In this class, we’ll explain the good and the bad for all the types of annuities available- taxes, investment options, rates of return, death benefits, fees and more. With a 10-year bull market behind us, now might be the time to lock in your gains using an annuity, so don’t miss this valuable class!

Jeffrey R. Silverman, JD CFP® and Shane Parouse, ChFC, CFBS.  Mr. Silverman is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and attorney and Mr. Parouse is a Chartered Financial Consultant.  Their financial planning practice has offices in Syosset and Hauppauge, New York.