Superintendent's Message  Nov 21 

We are continuing the careful environmental clean-up of the Lido Complex.  The process is methodical and designed to ensure that all environmental hazards are remediated or eliminated before it is reoccupied by staff and students.  Because of the thorough nature of the cleaning, the process is slow.

Based on the timetable provided to us by our restoration contractors, we will be moving the 6th and 7th grades to the Lido Complex on December 3rd.  This will provide immediate relief to the crowding at the high school.  We will know better on that date when we will be able to make additional moves, since this is now all one large jigsaw puzzle.   

At the high school the pool is now available for use.  We have also returned some of the space on the first floor (metal shop, wood shop, weight room) of the high school for instructional use.  We are looking to open the photo lab and life skills rooms early next week.

We will restart our Pre-K program on Wednesday November 28th as a morning program only.  We will not be able to operate both the morning and afternoon until more space becomes available.  Blackheath parents will be notified of the changes on Monday.  Afternoon students will be invited to participate in the morning program in classes led by the previous teachers.

Our winter athletic program at the high school has resumed.  We will also be starting middle school winter season I.  Details are available from the athletic office.  

I am recommending to the Board of Education at our Tuesday meeting that we meet our mandated school year by adjusting our calendar to open school on February 19. 20. 21, 22, March 25, and April 1.  March 27 and 28 would be designated as possible snow make-up days.