Whitman Students of the Month

Congratulating our February Students of the Month are Dr. Kendall Richards, and Principal John Murphy.  thumbnail112891
ā€œIā€™m really very proud of you all, so keep up the good work,ā€ said Principal Murphy (back right) as he handed each student a certificate and letter of congratulations as our February Students of the Month. Joining the Principal is Administrative Dean Dr. Kendall Richards (back left).

Congratulations to our February students of the month. “Being acknowledged for awards like these allow for your efforts to be recognized by not only your teachers but the school itself.  These types of awards also allow you to gauge how successful you are in school.  I am appreciative of events such as these because I am able to thank you for all you do to make Whitman so wonderful,” said Principal Murphy as he handed each student a certificate and letter of congratulations as our Students of the Month.

February Students of the Month: Business/Home & Careers: Haylin Santos Sanchez, Caleb Sullivan. Music/Dance: Valeria Bruzual, Haylee Caserta, Daniela Sagastizada, Logan Slansky. Art: Sindy Alvarez Garay, Jefri Gomez Diaz, Orzeeta Kamal, Brianna Scala: World Language: Brian Garcia, Ireny Veliz Garcia, Katherine Gotard, Bridget Kenney. Social Studies: Sergio Carrillo, Efrain Citle Palestino, Jonathan Holleran, Jimmy Morales. Science: William Barraco, Grace Buckshaw, Jennifer Duclay, Lauren Gotard. Math: Rosa Cruz Serrano, Joseph Lewin, Jason Mason Quintanilla, Charlotte O’Hara. English: Jeremy Lanz, Jariel Reyes Ochoa, Keara Shea, Xiaotong Yang. Physical Education: Jairo Perdomo Alvarez, Alexander DiLorenzo, Rebecca Kurjanski, Sabrina Yam. Athletes of the Month: Maxwell Fisher (Fencing), and Joelle Koutsantanou (Cheerleading).