Whitman Valedictorian Ashar Farooq

Congratulations to Walt Whitman's 2018-2019 Valedictorian Ashar Farooq. thumbnail114280
Congratulations to Walt Whitman's 2018-2019 Valedictorian Ashar Farooq.

Congratulations to Walt Whitman’s 2018-19 Valedictorian Ashar Farooq! Ashar is a senior at Whitman who sees this honor as a true culmination of the American dream, saying how “this is real. It’s an accomplishment you can actually visualize and see.” Ashar started the Coding Club at Whitman, is involved in the school newspaper, Mathletes, the Robotics club and enjoys playing cricket at his local mosque.

Ashar considers physics to be his favorite subject and plans to pursue his interest in computer science after graduation. What does he like most about Whitman? "The diversity and the resources that are available to me every day.”  Ashar loves that he can have discussions with students from different places and learn their real-life experiences from the countries in which they are from. He values his own religion very highly and appreciates being a part of a school that immerses its students within a very diverse population.

Ashar also appreciates all of the extra help and opportunities that are available to him, saying, “if I need resources, I can get. Having those resources available help to keep me on track and focused to finish everything I need to accomplish.”  Ashar Farooq, Walt Whitman’s Valedictorian is certainly finishing his chapter here in South Huntington schools on a strong note.