Dear South Huntington Families,


I wanted to circle back and provide an update on this morning‘s bus situation. As previously mentioned, several of our students who were on Huntington Coach Van, Bus HC-67, complained of nausea and what they characterized as the smell of exhaust. Our school nurse evacuated the students and found no immediate danger, but in an abundance of caution, we contacted the paramedics and parents for further evaluation.  The paramedics from the Melville and Greenlawn Departments examined our students, and ultimately recommended anyone complaining of symptoms be checked at Huntington Hospital.


Ultimately, our staff traveled with ten students, and we met the parents in the Huntington Hospital Emergency Room. 


As of noon, all 10 students have been released and returned to school. The doctors found no elevated blood, or CO2 levels. Additionally, Huntington Coach had the Fire Department test the bus exhaust levels, which have been reported to contain no exhaust leakage. Additionally, the New York State Department of Transportation has been dispatched for an examination of the bus on Monday. 


We are thrilled that our students are all doing fine, and equally happy that they had the trust and confidence to alert us when they felt something might be wrong. While none of us like the optic of three ambulances in front of a school, the priority always must be the health and welfare of our students and staff.


We also got to see the paramedics from Melville, Greenlawn, Huntington, and the Huntington hospital staff at their very best, and thank the parents for working as partners throughout the process.


Rest assured that we take these types of concerns seriously, and know that Huntington Coach takes pride in maintaining the safety of their buses.