Spotlight on our Teacher of the Year Candidates

Stimson Principal Edwin Smith (left) congratulates his Teacher of the Year, Mr. Robert Ford. thumbnail106335
Stimson Principal Edwin Smith (left) congratulates his Teacher of the Year, Mr. Robert Ford.

We all know the importance technology plays in our present and future worlds. One teacher, Robert Ford from Stimson Middle School, plays a major role in the lives and the futures of his students.

Principal Edwin Smith writes, “Mr. Ford seeks opportunities to find “real-world” applications for technology which challenge and engage his students in meaningful learning…Mr. Ford is a dedicated advisor and role model … He has served as the adviser of the Generation Tech Club, fostering personal connections with his students…he works tirelessly …to prepare monthly video announcements that highlight the amazing work of students and staff…Mr. Ford has worked in collaboration with Codesters to expose… students to the world of writing computer code…”

A colleague writes,”…I have seen his enthusiasm and love for teaching Technology firsthand. He is dedicated, dynamic and works hard to create an engaging class. Bob arrives early to work every day and stays late every afternoon. He is always available to students for extra help and is willing to assist in any way so that they can be successful…”

One parent wrote”… As a part of Mr. Ford’s Digital and Fabrication Technology Class in 7th grade, my daughter… developed an understanding and comfort with using the various software and technologies…I was truly impressed by the products she created. I remember coming home from the curriculum night that year telling her that I wished I could be a part of Mr. Ford’s class…As a parent, I appreciate the value Mr. Ford places on hard work and respect. He exemplifies these values…”

A student wrote, “Very few teachers are ‘that teacher’-a teacher that always makes a student’s day, always shows maximum effort, and never appears to be having an “off” day...Mr. Ford is ‘that teacher.’  I have had the privilege of having Mr. Ford for two years, as a digital and fabrication teacher in 7th grade and currently as my 8th-grade technology teacher…He is an organized teacher who sets clear expectations and procedures for his students…No student is left behind as he engages everyone in the lesson on a daily basis. This creates a highly motivating classroom…earlier this semester he was rushed to the hospital and treated for a collapsed lung. Even in the middle of dealing with surgery and treatment and a hospital stay, Mr. Ford kept in touch and checked in to make sure we were on-task and staying on top of things. He is truly a role model…”