Stimson Generosity On Display @ 2018 Penny Wars

Ms. Wyhowanec (back left) and Ms. Rice (back right), along with their homeroom students are this year’s Penny Wars Champions. thumbnail103630
Ms. Wyhowanec (back left) and Ms. Rice (back right), along with their homeroom students are this year’s Penny Wars Champions.

Stimson Assistant Principal Mr. Anthony Sansotta shared some great news that our Middle School has just wrapped up another successful Penny Wars and the generosity shown by our Stimson students and their families, and the support of the Stimson faculty and staff has been truly amazing.

Now in its 12th year, the concept and rules of Stimson's Penny Wars competition are simple. Homerooms compete against each other by bringing in positive point items for their own team. These items include pennies, bonus food items, Box Tops, and empty water bottles. Teams can sabotage their opponents by giving them negative point items such as silver coins, dollar bills, and military care package items. In the end, the team with the most points wins.

The lead changes hands several times throughout the week, with several teams going into the final day with a chance to take home the 2018 title. At the end, when the counting was completed, Ms. Rice’s and Ms. Wyhowanec’s Homeroom 302 was declared the 2018 Penny Wars Champions.

“Regardless of what the final leaderboard says, there really are no losers in Penny Wars,” said Sansotta. “We raised a lot of money, which will benefit Stimson and a charity or charities chosen by the winning team, Homeroom 302.”  This year the Stimson school community raised over $2,454.

The Penny Wars collected close to 4,000 food items. Some of that will be used to make Thanksgiving baskets for families in the South Huntington community. The rest was donated to the food pantry at St. Hugh's.

The Stimson effort also collected almost 2,000 Military items and water bottles to be donated to Long Island Blue Stars Moms who will use them to send care packages our service men and women who are stationed overseas. Books will be donated to help ensure that all children have access to books during their formative years. And of course, those Box Tops will bring in some additional revenue for the school. In short, everybody wins!

Our winning homeroom students: Syed Ahmed, Amaan Ali, Zeshan Asif, Alejandro Chamorro, Shelly Chen, Damitrae Ellis, Daniela Ferrera Molina, Anali Fuentes Fernandez, Leila Giammichele, Thomas Kliampas, Denali Lee, Iris Linares Moreira, Aidan Lucas, Matthew McManus, Isabelle Minero, Eriber Nativi, Vanessa Reyes, Jayson Savage, Patrick Soulias, Sophia Swanson, Narlin Turcios Garcia, and Jasmine Veliz Carillo.

Great job Stimson community!