A Veterans Day Message from Superintendent Bennardo

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To Our Community Family:

It is always remarkable to note that Veteran’s Day, originally coined as Armistice Day in 1919, was initially developed in recognition of the “war to end all wars.” While the fog of WWI was gradually lifting at the close of the decade, the memories of sacrifice, pain, and unimaginable loss endured in homes throughout the country. The United States was still a relatively young and emerging nation as 1920 approached, and we truly believed that liberty had forever triumphed with the Treaty of Versailles.  It was a hopeful time throughout the world and Americans dared to dream that their sons and daughters would never again be called upon to pay the ultimate price in defense of liberty.  Unfortunately, the next 100 years would prove differently, as we learned that where there is freedom, there will also be those looking to impose tyranny. The dream that World War I could mark the end of deadly human conflict was shattered just two decades later, and young lives have since been sacrificed from the beaches of Normandy to the mountains of Afghanistan and hundreds of battlefields in between.

The truth is that the freedom we enjoy has regularly been purchased with the blood of brave patriots who proudly wear our nation’s uniform and believe in a cause greater than themselves. The countless rights and privileges memorialized in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution have come at the expense of empty seats at holiday dinner tables, missed birthday celebrations, and sleepless nights of worry in homes throughout the land. Our nation’s heroes didn’t ask for sympathy in 1918, and they remain just as selfless today. However, we must remember that freedom comes at a cost, and it is our veterans and their families who pay the price for the warm, blanket of security under which we sleep. So, as we pause this weekend and think about November 11th, let’s also remember the veterans to whom the Stars and Stripes mean more than words can ever express. Every sweet taste of freedom that we enjoy has been prepared for us by the men and women who have and will continue to live lives of duty, honor, courage, and service across the nation.

Be well,

Dave Bennardo